Seventh Street Food Court Starts HOT!!!

Fort Worth – 3 / Dallas – 0


Fort Worth is getting their third food truck park in the high visibility West 7th Street  district.  Former 7th Haven owner Jimmy Moore is partnering with Brad Hensarling of The Usual Bar to open the Gold Standard in the former 7th Haven location at 2700 W. 7th.


Before partnering with Hensarling, Moore planned to use the bar for indoor seating and hosting food trucks in the parking lot.  He still plans to use at least part of the bar’s parking lot to host gourmet food trucks in an area called the Seventh Street Food Court.  The variance permits a max of 4 food trucks.


It took two tries to get the variance but they were successful and held a SPECIAL SNEAK PREVIEW on Sunday, June 24th, in conjunction with the Fort Worth Music Awards.  The sneak peek featured The Weiner Man, Chile Pepper Grill, The Food Traveler and The Fat Truck.


The temperatures soared as DFW hit their first 100 degree day, keeping crowds in the late afternoon more interested in sitting in the air conditioned bars listening to live music that is part of the music awards but a steady, if small, stream of hungry patrons made their way out to buy food and hurry back to the cooler interior comforts.  As the day progressed and temps fell, the crowd picked up.


The trucks did their part to make the day special.  The Weiner Man (Bryce) brought back his awesome Gouda Fries.  Jesse at The Fat Truck was offering Pulled Pork  Gorditas that rocked and his favorite menu item of all time – Sticky fingers BBQ Riblets.  And John at The Food Traveler was offering Korean Dumplings and Escargot floating in butter!  Dumplings and Escargot from a food truck?  Does life get any better??  Not be outdone, Chile Pepper Grill was dishing out a Huarache to die for and some great street tacos.


This park will be ‘Fort Worth’s most available’ food truck park, open daily form 7 a.m. to 2 p. m and serving breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as the late night bar crowd according to Moore.


The bar – food truck combination has been successful in this area.  Taco Heads used to be a near permanent fixture behind 7th Haven and now they’ve moved down the alley to Poag Mahone’s.  It will be interesting to see how it works having even more trucks there regularly.  Parking has been an issue and the trucks will occupy some of the precious limited space available.  There’s bound to be some growing pains as they figure out the best configuration for parking the trucks and making them accessible but the partnership promises to be mutually beneficial for all parties – but it will only be beneficial if they patrons don’t find it too hard to find parking.


What do you think?  Will 7th Street set the gold standard?