Want a bite?  Eat Jo Dawgs will fix your dawg and fill your belly!

Eat Jo Dawgs Wants You to Eat Mo’ Dawgs


“The noblest of all dogs is the hot dog; it feeds the hand that bites it.”

~Lawrence J. Peter [borrowed from Eat Jo Dawgs Facebook page]


In the dog eat dog world of gourmet food truck dogs, Eat Jo Dawgs combines a little philosophy, a little homegrown neighborliness and some pretty creative hot dogs to set themselves apart.  And while their Facebook page says they ‘ride in Fort Worth, Texas’, we’ve been seeing more of them on the Dallas side of the metroplex.  Their mission is simple, “We are just trying to get a Dawg in every hungry mouth in Fort Worth & Dallas!”  The mission is on track.



As for me, I have a ways to go to get through the menu.  All indications are that Eat Jo Dawgs will be around a while so I can take my time and enjoy the journey.  Besides, the more I go back, the more opportunity I get to know Tony & Joe Patrick better.

Like most food trucks, the menu at Eat Jo Dawgs will vary slightly from time to time but this was the menu the day I was there. Looks like a Dawg for every kind of craving to me!


How can you pass on a Dawg bodaciously named Natural Disaster?  What is clear is that there is no ‘neat’ way to eat this monster and if you aren’t careful, it just might make a disaster out of your previously spotless shirt!  A deep fried bacon wrapped dog is buried under a mountain of chili, jalapeno relish, coleslaw and diced tomatoes topped with two enormous onion rings!  In reality, this is a prime example of American excess.  There’s just no way to wrap your mouth around this monster without a landslide of toppings squishing out everywhere.  There’s just too much going on with all the toppings, in my opinion, but my opinion only carries one vote and I have no doubt, there’s plenty of opposition to that idea.  But I must say, when you finally make it to the deep fried bacon wrapped all beef frank, there’s an explosion of juicy goodness that erupts in your mouth like a volcano when you break through the crispy outer crust.  This is one Natural Disaster that doesn’t need any FEMA help to recover from … just time to let it all settle.

The Natural Disaster


Moving to something a little more ‘gourmet’, I was torn between the Maui Wowi and the Dawg on Bleu.  I decided on the Dawg on Bleu.  This one is still not gonna make any ‘heart healthy’ lists but at least the bacon and dawg are NOT deep fried.   The Bleu Cheese is a nice contrast to the savory bacon, the Dawg just as plump and juicy and the lettuce and tomatoes cool & fresh in comparison.  Bleu Cheese and hot dogs is not a new idea.  Never-the-less, this dawg is well executed.

Dawg On Bleu


These dawgs come so loaded, you don’t need any sides.  They’re a meal in themselves.  That doesn’t stop the guys at Eat Jo Dawgs from offering several appetizer items liked stuffed jalapeno poppers.


Eat Jo Dawgs is pretty easy to find, especially if you are in Fort Worth.  They’re regulars at the Fort Worth food parks and when not hangin out there, you can find their location on Facebook or Twitter.

Eat Jo Dawgs rolls in Fort Worth and Dallas, too!


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