Red Jett Sweet Makes Cupcake Treats



The Red Jett Team Believes Every Day Should be a Celebration


The DFW metroplex is lucky enough to have three very different cupcake trucks.  After all, it’s not a meal without dessert, right?  Even more, Christina Jett and Natalie Gamez think that the right cupcake makes any day a celebration!  Of course, they’ll modestly tell you that a Red Jett Sweet cupcake is the right cupcake for any celebration or no celebration at all.  And Ruby (that’s the truck) is ready to bring the celebration to a Fort Worth location near you or your location exactly, on request.


Ruby the Red Jett Sweets Mobile Cupcakery, is decked out with bright colors, the fanciest food truck wheels in DFW and a fun design.


There are some basic rules about what makes a good cupcake.  First, it has to taste good.  Top quality ingredients like Madagascar Vanilla, fresh creamery butter and an extra dose of love means that the dozens of cupcakes prepared every day are consistently good.  Second, cupcakes should be fun.  Every Red Jett Sweet cupcake comes with a fun topper and a built-in ‘smile stimulant.’  And finally, competition means the cupcakes should be unique.  Christina and Natalie have that covered.  Each cupcake, whether a Daily Favorite or a Featured Flavor, is an original recipe created by the baking team.  Red Jett Sweet has the bases covered.


Red Jett Sweet offers five Daily Favorites: Red Jett Velvet, Vanilla Echo, Nuts for Kentucky, Chocolate Echo and The Coconut Comet.  I refrained from buying every Daily Favorite so I could splurge on a couple of Featured Flavors.

The Red Jett Velvet: Rich, moist Red Velvet Cake topped with Cream Cheese Icing. No need for fancy gimmicks or toppings.  The cake is velvety smooth, rich in flavor and complemented perfectly by the simple cream cheese icing.


Nuts for Kentucky: There’s got to be a story behind the name but unfortunately, I didn’t get it. What I did get was a delicious Bourbon Cake topped with Caramel Buttercream Icing rolled in Candied Pecans.  Fit for the Kentucky Derby or just to make a hot summer night a celebration.
The Coconut Comet: Coconut cake topped with Coconut Cream Cheese Icing with shredded Coconut on top. If you’re cuckoo for Coconut, you’ll love this one!

In addition to the Everyday Favorites, recipes for Featured Flavors inspired by the season, happy memories, special days or even current events seem to materialize out of thin air from the creative, always thinking minds of Christine and Natalie.  Featured Favorites rotate weekly unless, of course, you ask for something special for your private event.  Then, you can get pretty much anything your mind can dream up!

This Lovin’ Lime will put a little spice in your life.


Bananas Foster topped with Cinnamon Frosting


The Peter Pumpkin? Seems the notes got crossed and the menu photo of the day did not make it. It had to be good, there wasn’t a bad one in the bunch.


Being a Fort Worth based truck, Ruby and the Red Jett Sweet crew doesn’t get to Dallas County often.  Too bad!  In addition to cupcakes for humans, they also offer Pupcakes for your pooch!  These special orders only items come in carrot, banana, peanut butter, oats, apple, pumpkin or sweet potato mini-cakes with a yogurt based “icing” safe for your other family member.  What a treat for our four-legged friends that are invited by Cedars Food Park by Dallas Heritage Village or Addison Bites at the Savoye Apartments.  Natalie and Heather, Brad and Steve, if you are reading you might want to make an exception!

Prices are $2.50 for the Daily Favorites and $3.50 for the Featured Flavors.  These prices clearly reflect the cost of using top quality ingredients since all cupcakes are the small cup cake size.

Ruby, the Red Jett Sweet Truck, can usually be found at Fort Worth Food Park Wednesday – Sunday but it’s best to check their website, Facebook Page or Twitter for the latest updates on the schedule.