The Connecticut Lobster Roll

Cousins Maine Lobster – Dallas

Cousins Maine Lobster Truck – Dallas

I’ve been AWOL from Food Truck Connection for far too long. My apologies – sometimes life gets in the way of life. So, you can imagine it would take something special to get me back on track and you’d be right. Lunch at Cousins Maine Lobster Truck – Dallas is that something special. This is a fine dining picnic!

The truck - look at all the TV exposure Cousins Maine Lobster has achieved.
The truck – look at all the TV exposure Cousins Maine Lobster has achieved.

One of the most difficult challenges a food truck faces when it expands is to maintain the integrity and quality of the food going out the window. Cousins Maine Lobster partnered successfully with Barbara Corcoran (Shark Tank) to successfully develop a franchise model and, while I’ve not had the opportunity to eat at the Mother Truck where it all started, I have no doubt that Ron Baron and his staff equal the integrity and quality standard expectations of the founders, Jim Tselikis and Sabin Lomac.

IMG_1944 the story copy
The story of Cousins Maine Lobster provides some interesting reading while you wait for your order.

The Menu starts with your choice of a Maine Lobster Roll (a touch of mayo) or a Connecticut Lobster Roll (butter and lemon), both served on a fresh, fluffy toasted New England style roll. At about 6” long, the $15 price tag may seem steep but this roll is loaded with fresh Maine Lobster perfectly cooked, firm and slightly sweet. I opted for the Connecticut Lobster Roll today for the butter and lemon but either one is a treat for your taste buds and which you choose is a matter of preference.

The Connecticut Lobster Roll
The Connecticut Lobster Roll

No fine dining meal is complete unless it starts with something lighter to wake up the taste buds. Cousins Maine Lobster Dallas offers your choice of Lobster Bisque or New England Clam Chowder by the cup ($7) or bowl ($10). Today’s a lobster day so I go for a cup of the bisque. Presented in the traditional cream style, the bisque is smooth and served with an ample portion of lobster.

Lobster Bisque
Lobster Bisque

Continuing with the lobster binge, I added Lobster Tots ($12) as a side dish. A generously loaded boat of tater tots is dressed up with warm lobster, a cilantro lime sauce for a punch of flavor and a bit of pico de gallo. The lobster portion was as generous as the tots assuring lobster and tot in virtually every bite. I’m a little surprised I didn’t flinch at the price but this is almost a meal by itself!

Lobster Tots - these tots are all dressed up with one place to go - in your mouth!
Lobster Tots – these tots are all dressed up with one place to go – in your mouth!

We spent $38 for lunch (for 2 sharing) which is high for a food truck but keep in mind, lobster ain’t cheap and you get what you pay for! I thought I got a good value for the quality and quantity served.  I know I got a really happy mouth as the food passed through on the way down to a totally satisfied tummy.

A look at the menu confirms you can get lobster served just about any way you want it – tacos, quesadilla and buttered lobster tail in the shell – even Maine Lobster Ice Cream ($5).   The only thing I saw missing was a Lobster Grilled Cheese.

What to order?  Who knew there'd be so many choices.
What to order? Who knew there’d be so many choices.

Alas, even with a partner to share we were too full to try the ice cream. Oh well, not a problem. I’ll definitely be going back. You can find out where they’re serving by checking out their website for This Weeks Schedule and they’re also on Facebook and Twitter.

Cousins Maine Lobster is a proud member of the North Texas Food Truck Association (NTXFTA).