Lake Highlands StrEATS

Food Truck Rally Brings the Lake Highlands Neighborhood Together


Lake Highlands is the latest DFW community to embrace the explosion of Food Trucks as way to bring the community together.  Sponsored by the Lake Highlands Branding Committee hosted the first ever Food Truck Rally at the Town Center on June 16th.

Food Truck Rally Brings the Lake Highlands Neighborhood Together for Food and Fun
Lines formed quickly as Lake Highlands experiences the Food Truck phenomenon

After some last minutes changes in the trucks scheduled to participate, Nammi, Cool Haus, The Butcher’s Son, Gandolfos, Ssahm, Rockstar Bakery, Cajun Tailgators and Good Karma Kitchen provided the food to a hungry crowd.  Business was brisk at all of the trucks with Rockstar Bakery selling out of Whoopie Pies in 1 hour and 45 minutes!

Touted as a family friendly event, families were in abundance and everyone seemed to be having a good time.  People watching soon confirmed that most folks were running into friends or neighbors as everyone staked out their space on the lawn.

Shade or friends had people setting up on the lawn at Lake Highlands Town Center
Lawn chairs and blankets replace tables and chairs when you're at a food truck rally.

And the kids had a great time chasing bubbles!

Children playing on the lawn
What kid doesn't like chasing bubbles?


Local performer Annie Benjamin provided musical entertainment.

Annie Benjamin entertains at the Lake Highlands Food Truck Rally


“We are so excited to host this event to further the branding initiative and hope to see many more like it in the Town Center. Lake Highlands is a neighborhood that likes to support our neighbors and we know this rally will be a great way to bring everyone together,” – Ginger Greenberg, co-chair for the Lake Highlands Branding Committee.

For a first time event, planning was pretty good.  The Town Center is a pretty setting and there was plenty of convenient parking.  Long lines caused some congestion, especially where one food truck was parked on the opposite side of the road, but the ratio of trucks to people was reasonable.  Food truck events generate a lot of trash and more trash bins would have been helpful.  The porta-potties seemed farther away than necessary and splitting them up would have made it easier to get to them.  With these minor tweaks, the next Food Truck Rally will be even better.  And based on the good time I observed being had by all, I’d be surprised if the Food Trucks aren’t invited back again … real soon!