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Food Truck Connection is About Community

Food Truck Connection is a virtual community where Food Truck fans from all over can connect, communicate and celebrate the experience that food truck dining provides.  The website has evolved over time as I became more realistic about my ‘reach.’  Now, it focuses on North Texas Food Trucks but there are regular special appearances from Phoenix, other Texas towns and wherever my travels take me since I seek out food trucks wherever I go.

One of the common characteristics of food truck owners is that they all have an interesting story.  In order to connect owners and fans, we’ll be providing interviews.  Want us to interview your favorite truck.  Give us a shout and we’ll reach out to them.

There’s already a number of news aggregators gathering articles across the web.  I thought about providing that service here but instead, I’ll be sharing articles I find interesting through my Facebook page and Twitter.

While the food is often awesome, one of the greatest experiences of eating at a food truck is the friendly, neighborhood atmosphere that is pleasant and interactive; not just between food truck operators and their customers but between the customers themselves.  Connecting with the people around you – that’s what community is about.

I’m about to start the newest segment of my food truck adventure by moving from the fringes of the industry to a leadership role in the local food truck community.  The North Texas Food Trucks recently organized and honored me by electing me the first President of the association.  I’m really looking forward to learning more about the regulatory and business challenges these hardworking entrepreneurs face every day and working with them and local government to create fair laws and more opportunity to grow their businesses successfully.

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