Gepetto's Chicken Popeye Pizza is only one of the gourmet or design your own pizza's that will be available!

Fort Worth Food Trucks Help Feed Hungry Kids


Gepetto’s Pizza and Eat Jo Dawgs Help Raise Money for School Meal Program

It’s no secret that our DFW Food Trucks regularly schedule events where they give back generously to help support the sponsoring organization.  Following the Fort Worth tornadoes earlier this year, several of the trucks looked for ways to work with city governments to assure that affected residents had water and meals immediately following the devastation.  More often, they’ll work with schools, non-profit groups or churches to cater events and, most of the time, they donate not only their time but a portion of their sales.  The food truck community is about just that – community.


If Food Truck Connection wrote only about these events, it would probably be a full time task.  But, how can you say ‘No’ when the request is to support a volunteer program by the teachers and principal that provides meals to elementary age children who may not have a meal waiting at home?


That’s exactly what happened when the email showed up in my mailbox from Megan Lewis, asking for Food Truck Connection to help spread the word about the Dallas Park Elementary School 10th Anniversary celebration.  So here’s my bit, little as it may be!



Gepetto’s Pizza and Eat Jo Dawgs will be on the campus of the Dallas Park Elementary School, 8700 Viridian Lane, Fort Worth, TX 76123, from 5:30 – 7:30 PM cooking up pizza and gourmet hot dogs.  And knowing Eliud Castro at Gepetto’s, he just might cook up a special hot dawg pizza for the event.  And you won’t believe what Tony and Joe Patrick from Eat Jo Dawgs can do with an all beef hot dog!  The trucks are giving back a portion of their proceeds to support the meal program and help assure that every kid gets the meals they need.

Eliud Castro and the Gepetto’s Pizza Truck will be there


Gepetto’s Chicken Popeye Pizza is only one of the gourmet or design your own pizza’s that will be available!
On September 4th, the Eat Jo Dawg’s Truck will be rolling to Dallas Elementary School
Want a bite? Eat Jo Dawgs will fix your dawg and fill your belly!

Please forward this article to everyone you know and come on out to support this event.


Everyone is welcome!


Going to Cedars Food Park is like a Picnic, with a few hundred friends!

Food Truck Double Play Hits Cedars Food Park at Dallas Heritage Village

First Came Food.Fun.Fido. and Now Alfresco Fridays


There’s no better place to enjoy the fabulous food from Dallas’ best food trucks than under the sprawling Cedar Elm Trees at Dallas Heritage Village.  Starting Friday, August 31st, you can double your fun with Cedars Food Park at Dallas Heritage Village.  Building on the success of the grand opening followed by successful Thursday night events, you can now find food trucks at Cedars Food Park at DHV two nights a week.  The timing is perfect as summer ends and people are looking forward to Labor Day Weekend.

Going to Cedars Food Park is like a Picnic, with a few hundred friends!




Dubbed Alfresco Fridays, Cedars Food Park brings back the popular mountain music by The Sicklies and Franconia Brewing Company is the guest brewery for the night.  Alfresco Fridays will kick off with Cajun Tailgators, Easy Slider, Free Wheel’n, Good Karma Kitchen, Jack’s Chowhound, Rock N Roll Taco, Rockstar Bakeshop, Ruthie’s Rolling Café and Slush Works.  The event is scheduled from 6PM – 10PM and the weather forecast is great.  This is the perfect way to kick-off your Labor Day Weekend!






If you don’t want to wait until Friday, then make plans now to attend Food. Fun. Fido. on Thursday night from 6PM – 10PM.  Thursday nights will be super pet friendly with relaxed DJ music to mellow out while Friday nights will feature live music by local artists in the same relaxed setting.  Franconia Brewing Company will be selling the craft beers and the truck line-up is top notch:  4 Seasons, The Belgian Waffle Company, Coolhaus, Gandolfo’s, Good Karma Kitchen, Nammi, Ssahm BBQ and The Lab.  This is the debut appearance by 4 Seasons and The Belgian Waffle Company and rumor has it that Cool Haus may be featuring new flavors!



Food prices range from $2 – $10 and a portion of the sales always goes to support Dallas Heritage Village.  Always free admission, free parking and pets are welcome.  Dallas Heritage Village is located at 1515 S. Harwood, just southeast of downtown Dallas.

The Sicklies will provided their style of funky mountain music crossing a wide variety of musical genres throughout the evening.


Dallas Heritage Village is traditionally closed for the month of August and the buildings will reopen on September 1st.  Visitors coming to eat at the food trucks are welcome to wander the grounds and eat in select air conditioned buildings.  Just be aware that most buildings will not be open during the event.



This lady stopped to talk with us.  It was her first time to eat at a food truck and she chose Gepetto's Pizza.

Bedford Food Truck Festival


First Food Truck Event Draws Many First Timers to the Trucks


What do you get when you invite five completely different food trucks, the Lone Star Camaro Club, and a DJ to a local strip center parking lot in Bedford, TX, for a free summer event?   Apparently, you get a population hungry to find out what this burgeoning dining movement that involves eating audaciously good food served from a truck is all about!.  At least that’s what happened Saturday night at the Bedford Meadows Shopping Center when the first ever food truck event in Bedford drew hundreds of eager and curious diners to the center.

Good turnout for the Bedford Food Truck Festival


The featured attraction was the trucks:  Yes! Tacos, Crazyfish (sushi), Gepetto Pizza, Good Karma Kitchen (vegan/vegetarian) and Slush Works (frozen iced drinks).   And what is totally awesome is that the idea started with Chris Leavell, Brad DeYoung and Fred Hopkins, the owners of the Bedford Meadows Shopping Center, who recognized the draw that food trucks bring and how that exposure benefits all the tenants in the center.  What a progressive position to recognize that food trucks and brick & Mortar establishments can work together for the benefit of both!

The line at Yes! Taco was often 15-20 deep and and just as long at each of the trucks.


I go to a lot of events and pop-up food parks, but what really stood out tonight was the number of first timers who came out.  I overheard people from 6-60 who were having their first food truck experience.

This lady stopped to talk with us. It was her first time to eat at a food truck and she chose Gepetto’s Pizza.


Even Chris Leavell, one of the owners of Bedford Meadows, who helped put the event together, had never eaten at a food truck.  And would you believe that he and his partners ate at every single truck!

Owner Jim Leavell (L) chats with Bedford Mayor, Jim Story (R), who came out to show his support.


Mayor Jim Story, who stopped by to support the event and see what it was all about, tried out the food.  I even spotted him leaving with food to take home!

Crazy Fish and Slush works both had consistent lines all night


Chris Leavell reports the event was to give back to the tenants and to bring more attention to the newly renovated center.   But just as importantly, the event was a success for everyone involved.  The owners made a $1000 donation to the Susan G. Komen Foundation in honor of the event.  The Bedford Animal Shelter was invited to promote pet adoptions and seek support for their community work.

By 7:30 PM, trucks began selling out of individual items.     Photo courtesy of Chris Leavell.


The trucks had a great night, with two of them selling completely out of food.  Danny’s Celtic Pub was celebrating their grand opening and their kitchen sold completely out of food.  Anthony Resio, owner of Italian Sub Shop says he thought it was a great success for everyone there.

Sold Out signs went up in Yes! Taco and Good Karma Kitchen and the kitchen at Danny’s Celtic Pub ran out of food, too! Thanks, Bedford, for the tremendous support!! Photo courtesy of Chris Leavell.


The Lone Star Camaro Club brought out their cars for everyone to enjoy and Randy Ro Entertainment provided music.

The Lone Star Camaro Club hosted a car show.


Mr. Mayor, I believe the people of Bedford have spoken.  Please listen to the people, support your local retailers and invite the trucks back to Bedford!

The owners told me that they plan to bring the event back the last Saturday of each month.  They’re already planning the changes needed to make it even better – tables in the center and more room between the trucks to accommodate the people.

You can find out more about upcoming events at Bedford Meadows at the Legacy Alliance website or you can check back here at Food Truck Connection for an update for the next Bedford Food Truck Festival.



Red Jett Sweet Makes Cupcake Treats



The Red Jett Team Believes Every Day Should be a Celebration


The DFW metroplex is lucky enough to have three very different cupcake trucks.  After all, it’s not a meal without dessert, right?  Even more, Christina Jett and Natalie Gamez think that the right cupcake makes any day a celebration!  Of course, they’ll modestly tell you that a Red Jett Sweet cupcake is the right cupcake for any celebration or no celebration at all.  And Ruby (that’s the truck) is ready to bring the celebration to a Fort Worth location near you or your location exactly, on request.


Ruby the Red Jett Sweets Mobile Cupcakery, is decked out with bright colors, the fanciest food truck wheels in DFW and a fun design.


There are some basic rules about what makes a good cupcake.  First, it has to taste good.  Top quality ingredients like Madagascar Vanilla, fresh creamery butter and an extra dose of love means that the dozens of cupcakes prepared every day are consistently good.  Second, cupcakes should be fun.  Every Red Jett Sweet cupcake comes with a fun topper and a built-in ‘smile stimulant.’  And finally, competition means the cupcakes should be unique.  Christina and Natalie have that covered.  Each cupcake, whether a Daily Favorite or a Featured Flavor, is an original recipe created by the baking team.  Red Jett Sweet has the bases covered.


Red Jett Sweet offers five Daily Favorites: Red Jett Velvet, Vanilla Echo, Nuts for Kentucky, Chocolate Echo and The Coconut Comet.  I refrained from buying every Daily Favorite so I could splurge on a couple of Featured Flavors.

The Red Jett Velvet: Rich, moist Red Velvet Cake topped with Cream Cheese Icing. No need for fancy gimmicks or toppings.  The cake is velvety smooth, rich in flavor and complemented perfectly by the simple cream cheese icing.


Nuts for Kentucky: There’s got to be a story behind the name but unfortunately, I didn’t get it. What I did get was a delicious Bourbon Cake topped with Caramel Buttercream Icing rolled in Candied Pecans.  Fit for the Kentucky Derby or just to make a hot summer night a celebration.
The Coconut Comet: Coconut cake topped with Coconut Cream Cheese Icing with shredded Coconut on top. If you’re cuckoo for Coconut, you’ll love this one!

In addition to the Everyday Favorites, recipes for Featured Flavors inspired by the season, happy memories, special days or even current events seem to materialize out of thin air from the creative, always thinking minds of Christine and Natalie.  Featured Favorites rotate weekly unless, of course, you ask for something special for your private event.  Then, you can get pretty much anything your mind can dream up!

This Lovin’ Lime will put a little spice in your life.


Bananas Foster topped with Cinnamon Frosting


The Peter Pumpkin? Seems the notes got crossed and the menu photo of the day did not make it. It had to be good, there wasn’t a bad one in the bunch.


Being a Fort Worth based truck, Ruby and the Red Jett Sweet crew doesn’t get to Dallas County often.  Too bad!  In addition to cupcakes for humans, they also offer Pupcakes for your pooch!  These special orders only items come in carrot, banana, peanut butter, oats, apple, pumpkin or sweet potato mini-cakes with a yogurt based “icing” safe for your other family member.  What a treat for our four-legged friends that are invited by Cedars Food Park by Dallas Heritage Village or Addison Bites at the Savoye Apartments.  Natalie and Heather, Brad and Steve, if you are reading you might want to make an exception!

Prices are $2.50 for the Daily Favorites and $3.50 for the Featured Flavors.  These prices clearly reflect the cost of using top quality ingredients since all cupcakes are the small cup cake size.

Ruby, the Red Jett Sweet Truck, can usually be found at Fort Worth Food Park Wednesday – Sunday but it’s best to check their website, Facebook Page or Twitter for the latest updates on the schedule.









Vanilla cupcake filled with fresh strawberries, topped with white icing and a strawberry slice.

Hummingbird Sweet Shoppe



There’s a sweet little secret hiding out in plain sight in Fort Worth.  Hummingbird Sweet Shoppe has set up at Cowtown ChowDown where Robin Alshouse operates out of Sophia, the Mobile Bakery.

Sophia, the Mobile Bakery – So Much Goodness out of So Little Space


I didn’t really intend to buy anything sweet, but the menu was small and I had to get close to read it.  Then, Robin called out from the trailer, and I had to ask what a Gob was!  I gravitated toward the trailer as if drawn by her voice, and there just inside the window was a platter of cupcakes. And just as I thought I was about to break the spell, my wife says, “I want one of each of the cupcakes, a slice of Pumpkin Roll and, yeah, give me one of those Gobs!”

The Platter - Who can resist this much goodness?


Dessert trucks face a challenge in setting themselves apart.  Hummingbird Sweet Shoppe features cupcakes, cake balls, pumpkin rolls and something called a Gob.  More on the Gob later.  Most cupcakes are cake on the bottom and icing piled on top.  What sets these cupcakes apart is the way the cupcakes are filled, assuring that you get icing in every bite.

Vanilla cupcake filled with fresh strawberries, topped with white icing and a strawberry slice.


The Vanilla filled with Strawberry cupcake was the special flavor the day I was there but the Caramel Toffee is a regular on the menu.

The Caramel Toffee Cupcake


The surprise in finding the centers stuffed is fun, the cupcakes are moist, and they really are different than most cupcakes you’ll find.  These cupcakes come in the small size and I just wished there was a little more of them.  But there was more!  On to the Pumpkin Roll!

The Pumpkin Roll – This is the real deal

The thing that sets a really good baker apart from the rest is the ability to take the same basic ingredients and make something that stands out.  This Pumpkin Roll stands out!  Fresh, moist pumpkin cake infused with chopped Pecans is slathered with cream cheese frosting and then rolled up so the icing is on the inside.  Icing or filling on the inside seems to be a trademark at Hummingbird Sweete Shop.  It’s no wonder that this is a regular on the menu.


The Gob: A Mystery that Generates the Most Asked Question: What exactly is a Gob?

This is where you expect me to tell you about the Gob.  Well, your gonna have to wait a bit longer.

Usually I can pick up some background on a truck from a website or Facebook.  This time … well, let’s just say the website is still under construction and Robin appears to like creating new things in the kitchen more than kibitzing on Facebook.  And so I emailed Robin a few questions.  I intended to use the information to write the article.  But her answers were so good, and give a glimpse into who she is, I decided to simply include it as a mini-interview.  Her responses are in pink – just the way she sent them to me.  Your gonna love her story about the Gob!


FTC:     Facebook says you got the trailer in July 2012?  Is that when you first opened for business?

Robin:  Yes

FTC:     What did you do before Sophia and working out of a trailer?

Robin:  Baked from home part time and a full time bookkeeper.

FTC:     What is the story on buying and operating Sophia, the Mobile Bakery?

Robin:  Getting a home business started was taking too long and the regulations are very restrictive. I did not want to go deep in debt by opening a store front. A mobile bakery seemed ideal for me at this time.

FTC:      Looking at the website, it looks like previously you made custom decorated cakes.  Is that still part of the business?

Robin:  The cake business was part time and yes, I still make cakes.

FTC:     Where can my readers find out where Sophia will be parked.  I didn’t find a Twitter Account or a schedule on Facebook.

Robin:  My primary location will be at Cowtown Chowdown and I will post any special events on Facebook.

FTC:     Do you have a set menu of cupcakes, cake balls and cookies or do you cook and decorate based on inspiration at the time?

Robin:  My menu each week will include: pumpkin rolls, caramel toffee cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies and gobs. In addition to these items I will have several other flavors of cupcakes which will change weekly.

FTC:     What exactly is a gob – what’s it made of?  Where did the name come from?

Robin:  Ahhhhh, the gobs. That is the most asked question. What is a gob? (and in some cases “What is a glob?”)  A gob is a chocolate cinnamon cake filled with a vanilla icing that is not real sweet.  (There are pumpkin gobs too and I may add them to my menu during the fall).

The history of the name of the gob:  The name gob comes from mining towns in Pennsylvania. Lumps of coal refuse were called gob piles. The wives of coal miners and steel workers wanted to pack desserts for their husbands that would be easy for them to eat at work without the use of utensils. They made the cakes and put the icing in the middle and called them gobs.

FTC:     I’d like to use your name but that’s entirely up to you.  I can simply refer to Hummingbird Sweet Shoppe.

Robin:  My name is Robin Allshouse feel free to use my name.  (If I get a bad review, you can use my husband’s name, Ken, lol)  Thanks for your interest and I hope to see you at Cowtown. :)


Robin, the review went just fine and so were the goodies!  I hope lots of folks come out to see you at Cowtown Chowdown.  You’re a fun, friendly lady and a good baker to boot!  You’ll probably see me, too, since I keep asking myself, “Why didn’t I get the Chocolate Chip Cookies??”

And when does the Pumpkin Gob come out?






Bento Box Brings Contemporary Japanese Food to Fort Worth

Artistic Food that Looks as Great as it Tastes

One of the neat things about what I do is that every now and then, you get a really pleasant surprise you weren’t expecting.  Bento Box is one of those unexpected treats life throws your way.

Just what is Bento?  Wikipedia says that Bento is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine.  In other words, it’s a Japanese box lunch so the box is referred to as a Bento Box and when it’s packed for lunch, it becomes the Bento Box Lunch.  Considering it’s lunch in a box, the white box trailer with Rising Sun Red rays seems apropos.  I’m sure there’s a story about the kitty but we’ll save that for another day.

The Bento Box on Wheels – Coming to a Lunch Near You!


Bento Box has only been operating a couple of weeks.  When I found myself in Fort Worth, I looked up Chef Scott Kaiser and introduced myself.  Well, to be fair, I sorta introduced myself since I try to get to know the folks on a new truck before I let them know what I do.  Scott runs the truck with the help of his wife, and general manager, Brandi Kaiser.  Since I am not fluent in Japanese cuisine, Scott was more than happy to take time to explain the dishes and answer any questions.  In other words, he lives the mission statement on the website of spreading the love of Japanese cuisine by offering inspired dished which focus on sustainable seafood and fresh local ingredients.

To keep things manageable and assure quick turnaround on the orders, the limited menu features Rice Bowls, Lettuce “Taco” and Sushi Rolls.  Prices range from $3 – $7 except for a Cucumber Salad offered at $2.

The Bento Box Menu – Simple Menu Simply Delicious


The first thing I ordered was a Spicy Crab Sushi Roll.  The Sushi Roll was served whole and the magic happened on top.  Spicy Crab, Chopped Scallions and Smelt Roe were as pleasing to the eye as the taste was to the palate.  The Roe (the tiny orange balls) were almost crunchy and slightly briny when you bit into them; they were fun!  And what surprised me the most was how light, fresh and cool the roll tasted.  My expectations were exceeded.

Spicy Crab Sushi Roll


Next up was the Shrimp Lettuce ‘Taco’.  Isn’t that just exquisite, with the subdued green, brilliant red and contrasting whites?  Try the roe by itself to get the full experience.  Then fold it up like a taco and take a bite.  The lettuce is tender.  The roe, cellophane noodles and thinly sliced scallions provide a little crunch. The shrimp is firm and slightly sweet in contrast to the mildly briny flavors from the roe.  And it is all cool, refreshing and totally satisfying.  This is a 5-star presentation fit for bone white china but it tastes just as phenomenal out of a 5 cent cardboard basket.  It makes you feel special.  All I can say about this is WOW … and WOW again!

Shrimp Lettuce Taco


If you’re looking for something different in Cow Town, Chef and Ambassador of Japanese Cuisine Scott Kaiser will feed you, answer your questions and do his best to make you another convert.  I think maybe I should go back for a second lesson in Japanese Cuisine.  Now?  Can we go now??

For more information, visit The Bento Box website and check Facebook or Twitter to find out their schedule.




Fred’s TruckWagon: Have FredBurger, Will Travel (But Not Far)

Fred’s Texas Cafe Takes Its Famous FredBurger on Road

Fred’s Texas Cafe has been a favorite place for beer, burgers and entertainment in Fort Worth since 1978.  In restaurant years, that’s like FOREVER.  And in February 2012, they joined the burgeoning food truck movement in Fort Worth and launched their own mobile kitchen, Fred’s TruckWagon.  The announcement was quickly followed by whispered hopes they’d really take the show on the road and bring the truck to Dallas and other parts of the Metroplex.  So far, those hopes have been pretty much dashed and frankly, I don’t understand.  Why put a corporate truck out there and then limit it’s operation to the same place you already have two successful brick & mortar restaurants?  As a marketing plan, I just don’t get it.  Oh well, it’s about the food anyway and I caught up with Fred’s Truck Wagon at the Fort Worth Food Park.

Fred’s Truck Wagon Dressed Up Texas Style

Legendary Badass Burgers:  That’s a pretty bold statement.  I had to see for myself what the buzz is all about.

The side of the truck advertises their specialty, Badass Burgers


The Cafe Menu has a lot more options including Coldass Beer but the truck is all about the FredBurger.  From this truck you can get anything you want as long as it’s a burger, in 1/4 pound and 1/2 pound sizes.  You pick the toppings and the cheese, both for an additional cost.  There are French Fries available, too, at (you guessed it) an additional cost.


I opted for the FredBurger, a half pound of Texas raised Ground Beef and added Smokey Bacon, Grilled Fresh Jalapenos and Bleu Cheese served on a plain hamburger bun.  The french fries come with kosher salt but mine had little more to offer.  They were soggy and had little flavor.  I didn’t finish them.


The FredBurger came with generous portions of the selected toppings.  The quality was good but I’d hope so for an additional $1.25 per item plus another $1 for the cheese.  I was really glad I ordered the 1/2 pound burger.  Otherwise, I think the burger would have disappeared in everything else.  Again, the quality of the beef seemed pretty good but that’s the problem.  If I’m gonna spend $13.50 for a burger and fries, I expect it to be GREAT!  This one wasn’t.  Compared to most food truck fare in DFW, the prices were high.


The food was good, and it might have seemed better in the cafe setting, surrounded by the characters who work there and the characters who come there, the music and the beer.  Yeah, a few beers would have probably make this taste a lot better.

At the risk of getting banned from Fort Worth, and I love going there, maybe Dallas isn’t missing out on anything.  Or maybe it was a bad day.  Or maybe you have to be a FW native to truly appreciate Fred’s.

You can find out where Fred’s Truck Wagon is by following them on Twitter or Facebook but why?  You’ll probably find them at Fort Worth Food Park or you could get the whole experience by stopping in at one of the brick & mortar locations at 915 Currie Street or 2730 Western Center.  The hours are longer, the AC and beer are colder (and less expensive) and the entertainment included.




Ssahm BBQ | Gourmet Korean Tacos


Ssahm Marries Korean and Mexican Cuisine to Create a Taste that is All Their Own


It takes some nerve to boldly describe your food as Gourmet Korean Tacos, especially here in Texas where we take our Mexican food as seriously as our barbecue.  The words just don’t seem to fit together.  Gourmet and tacos?  Korean and Tacos??  Gourmet from a truck???  And then you take the first bite!  It doesn’t take nerve when you serve up gourmet Mexican-Korean tacos that taste like nothing you’ve ever had before.


Let’s get right to it!  The Tacos and Burritos are unlike any you’ve had before but my absolute favorite food from Ssahm is the Kimchee Fries.  What do fries have to do with Korean or Mexican, you might ask?  Who CARES?  These are the best fries I’ve ever had, anywhere, anytime!!  The caramelized Kimchee is smooth and spicy at the same time, there’s Monterey Jack and Cheddar Cheese with a bit of Cilantro &  Onion thrown into the mix.  Add your choice of meats and this is a meal all by itself.  The regular order at $5 is generous and the $7 large order assures leftovers for breakfast!


Food trucks can a challenge to find (but isn’t that part of the fun?), but they make is simple by listing their location on their website , Facebook and they tweet them, too.  And, they’ve made it easier than before.  Now there are two Ssahm Trucks, Red and Black, bringing you twice the pleasure!




Four Entrees, four meats, $3 – $7 bucks.  How simple can they make it … the menu, I mean!


When it comes to the Burritos and Tacos you have your choice of meat:

  • KALBI (Beef) – Marinated Certified Angus Chuck Short Rib
  • DAEJI (Pork) – Spicy Marinated Pork
  • DDAK (Chicken) – Spicy Marinated Chicken; or
  • DUBU (Tofu) – Grilled Organic Tofu.


The Kalbi Taco has a Sesame Soy Vinaigrette topping with caramelized kimchee, Salsa Rojo/Verde,Cilantro & Onion.  The balance of ingredients is just right. Top with a squeeze of fresh lime and you’re all set!


The Burrito is another meal all by itself.  It may not be as big as Freebirds, but the flavor is so big you’ll never miss the bulk.  The key is the Cilantro Lime Jasmine Rice.  Lighter than most rice found in burritos, it avoids that heavy, sometimes sticky sensation in other burritos and then gives you the hint of citrus from the lime.  The flour tortilla is filled with your choice of meat or tofu.  There’s a great balance between the meat and the rice.  It is stuffed with Monterey Jack & Cheddar cheeses, and caramelized Kimchee play their supporting roles perfectly.


And now Ssahm is offering a BBQ Hot Dog.  Yep, buried under that mountain of dressings that includes everything but the kitchen sink is a plump all beef BBQ dog. Good luck getting your mouth wrapped around this monster dog.  And a word of warning, do not attempt to eat this sitting down unless you have a table you can lean over to protect your lap.


If the Kimchee Fries are calling your name, check their website or Twitter for today’s location!

Are you addicted to Kimchee Fries like me?  If you are, tell us about your most extreme effort to track down Ssahm just to get a Kimchee Fries fix!



Deep Fried Gaucamole Pie - Why did no one think of this before?  And, it's Brenda's own secret recipe!!

The Bomb Fried Pies Takes Me Back Home Again

Retro Dessert Trailer Is A Blast From The Past

The Bomb Fried Pies is a bit of an enigma.  The Mary Kay Pink trailer towed by a classic Ford convertible sets up with fun schtick like artificial turf and pink Flamingos.  It’s a mystery how this trailer, operated part-time, fits in so comfortably with the unique food stylings and flashy wraps of today’s gourmet food trucks.  The mystery ends with the first bite.  Good food, done with fresh ingredients at a level most people cannot attain, is good food.  And the down-home friendliness you experience when visiting The Bomb is just as comfortable and satisfying as the food.

The Bomb is a 1966 Shasta trailer painted Mary Kay pink and towed by a classic1960 Ford Sunliner convertible.  I’d have loved to see the prior tow vehicle.  It was an early 60’s T-bird.  Pat is the wheel man and, you guessed, it, he’s a car guy!

A visit to The Bomb Fried Pies is like stepping into the Happy Days set.


Brenda, on the other hand, is the creative one in the kitchen that comes up with the perfect recipe for an American classic — the fried pie.  I’m no stranger to fried pies.  When I was dating my wife, she would entice me to come over with a grilled steak and there was often a fried pie that her Momma had made, as well.  Seems as though fried pies have quite a history of their own on her side of the family.

Just like Momma used to make … if you were really lucky!


I’ve stopped into lots of places claiming to have “The Best Fried Pies in …” and I’ve had some good ones.  At other times … If you’ve got nothin’ nice to say, then don’t say nothin’ at all.  Brenda doesn’t make any claims to be the best fried pies anywhere.  I’m thinkin’ that maybe she should!!

Where the magic happens!


The menu at the Bomb is simple – you can get a Fried Pie or you can get a Fried Pie.  Well, I take that back.  You can get a Fried Bolagna sandwich.


You usually get fried pies that are fruit or meat pies.  At The Bomb, you can get a Fried Guacamole Pie!  This surprising treat is filled with Guacamole (that’s Miss Brenda’s own guacamole recipe hand crafted in small batches), wrapped in dough and deep fried to a light golden color and a light, flaky crust. The guacamole is so smooth and creamy it almost tastes buttery.  It comes with a side of salsa that provides the perfect complementary flavor and just enough hotness that you notice.  I tried it with and without salsa and it’s fabulous either way.  I’ve never had Fried Guacamole pie before and I can’t imagine I’ll ever find one that’s any better.  You can rest assured, I have this every time I visit The Bomb!

Deep Fried Gaucamole Pie – Why did no one think of this before? And, it’s Brenda’s own secret recipe!!


Keeping it traditional, The Bomb offers several fruit options.  The apple pie has the same flaky crust, so light and never greasy.  The apple filling has to be made from scratch.  The apple chunks are big and bold while the sauce is light, sweet and tart at the same time.  You just don’t get pie filling like this from a can!  Look at that.  Don’t you wish you had one right now?

The Fried Apple Pie


The cherry pie?  Let’s just leave it at “see above” and substitute fresh, bright red cherries for the golden yellow apples.  Red or Yellow, both are mellow.  Not many people can make good fillings. But Brenda has this down pat!

Cherry Pie


The standard recipe includes Peach and Apricot but depending on the time of year, you might get a special treat made up with a seasonal fruit that is sure to be a treat.

And I see a showdown coming the next time I get The Bomb and Jack’s Chowhound together.  It’ll be dueling fried bolagna sandwiches heads up!


The Bomb is not a regular on the food truck circuit, limiting participation to special events and private bookings.  Don’t even think about looking for The Bomb on Twitter.  The only way to find The Bomb is by going to their Facebook page.  You’ll want to check it regularly so you don’t miss the chance for another fried pie (or two … or more) from Miss Brenda.


And when you stop by, tell her that Food Truck Connection says hello.  It won’t get you anything special … she treats everyone  special.  But don’t be surprised if you run into us while you’re there.  It’s time for another visit to our friends at The Bomb!!



Easy Slider - Mix or Match, they're all a catch!

Easy Slider – Casual Elegance on a Bun


Settle in for a Easy Ride Through the Easy Slider Experience

Let’s get this out of the way.

  • Yes, there is some Easy Rider influence in naming the Easy Slider Food Truck.
  • No, neither Caroline or Miley actually ride a motorcycle.
  • Yes, you may have seen both of them at House of Blues where they met and worked together before launching Easy Slider.
  • No, they didn’t win the contest by Mobile Food News for Best Truck Graphics in the Country but they did represent Texas proudly (and all good Texans know they shoulda won!)


Caroline (left) and Miley (right) combined their past food experiences to create a simple menu that offers up some of the most unique sliders you’ll ever find.  The flavors are influenced by Caroline’s Texas roots and Miley’s infatuation with all things Southern. The big smiles come with every order!


The menu at Easy Slider is simple, offering a variety of sliders from plain to insane.  The sliders, a perfect size to eat with just one hand, feature regionally raised meats and local produce.  The menu is primarily beef but there’s an occasional pork, chicken or seafood options and a regular vegetarian choice in the Baby Bella.  Side dishes are limited to Zapp’s chips; truck-made slaws and sauces top the slider patties; and they support their friends at Rockstar Bakeshop by offering Whoopie Pies fashioned as “sweet sliders” for dessert.  Rockstar has even created exclusive flavors for Easy Rider.


I was raised on a Midwest meat & potatoes diet.  Vegetarian is not normally in my menu.  But I recently gave in and tried the Baby Bella.  The fat, firm grilled portobello mushroom won’t be mistaken for an angus burger but paired with a slice of tomato, pesto and mozzarella cheese, this is one good slider!  It’s all in the seasonings, the sauce and the perfect balance of flavors and textures.  And let’s add this to the food lexicon:

Real Men Eat Baby Bellas!


The French Revolution.  The correct Jeopardy answer is, “What Easy Slider features prosciutto, grilled onions, cheese and Dijon mustard.”  One bite and before you know what happened, you’re asking “Pardonnez-moi, c’est que je Poupon Grist Gout?”  Whaaatt?? You haven’t tried the French Revolution.  Of course it means “Pardon me, is that Grey Poupon I taste?”  This is not only a gourmet burger; it’s a French Gourmet Burger.  They’d love Easy Slider in France!!


No one is fessin’ up so I’m not sure if someone was hallucinating from sleep deprivation or they just accidentally dropped one of their caramels on the grill, but the result was an “Off the menu” item you usually have to request aptly named The Sugar Derby.  Sea Salt Caramel and grilled red onions top a 100% Texas Angus Beef Pattie resting between a toasted bun.  This one you just have to try to believe!


As I write this, is it Hatch Chile season.  Everybody knows that everything is better with Hatch Chiles.  This ooey-gooey mess of Roasted Hatch Chiles, Provolone Cheese and Red Pepper Mayo tops the Angus Beef burger.  You might want to have a supply of napkins when you order this one.  The flavors burst across your mouth and, if you’re not careful, the juice and toppings will run down your chin!  And trust me, you don’t want that to happen because you want every drop and morsel of The Green Chile Cheeseburger.


Until there were specials, The Black & Blue was my personal favorite.  The truck-made fresh blue cheese slaw makes this unique from the traditional presentation.  You’ll pick out the julienne carrots, the cabbage and a couple of other secret ingredients all mixed up in rich, creamy blue cheese that’s more like a sauce than the typical crumbles.  Wow, this is GREAT!


Your choice of two sliders is a meal when paired up with a bag of Zapp’s in the Easy Slider Basket.  Funny thing, I rarely hear anybody order two of the same.  It’s just too hard to resist the variety available!


Here’s a pair to share.  The Classic (behind) is just as advertised:  A savory, juicy beef pattie topped with melted cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion.  Simple, sumptuous and satisfying!  The Sweet & Low Down (front) takes the humble slider uptown.  I have no idea what they were thinking when they put strawberry jam on a burger but boy, am I glad they did.  Just enough jam for the surprising hint of sweetness combines with the distinctly different taste of the goat cheese, the crispy bacon and those savory juices from the beef pattie to keep your taste buds surprised as the flavors slide across your palate.


The Texas influence from Caroline shows up in The Roadside.  This little buckaroo comes with beef, bacon, cheddar, grilled jalapenos, fried onions and extra special truck-made BBQ sauce. Bursting with down-home goodness, this one is sure to make just about everyone smile!


Somebody must’ve been having a craving when they came up with The Nutty Pig.  Peanut Butter on a burger?  You bet!  I don’t know how they do it, but they always get just the perfect amount of the unique topping to make its presence known but never to overpower the rest of the slider.  Another beef slider, garnished with bacon, lettuce, tomato and grilled onion. Where does the “Pig” come from?  That, my friend, comes from you cuz you can’t eat just one!!


In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve eaten my way through the entire menu and a couple that aren’t even on the menu (but us insiders know to ask and now you’re an insider!).  You’d best get to it and look Easy Slider up on Twitter or Facebook to find out where they’ll be today.  Good luck on catching up with me.  I intend to be back soon.