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Just a Food Truck Sunday in DFW

A Food Truck Sunday! Whoo hoo
What could be more fun than a day devoted just to food trucks and food truck friends?
We start our day out at Fort Worth Food Park and as we approach we see something new. A new deck , that expands the space even more. It is very nice looking.

Now mmmm who shall I start with for my dining pleasure? Today in the park is, Jet Sweets, Three Lions, Salsa Limon, Gepetto’s, Simply Dosa and Sauzy’s Gourmet Burgers and Sandwiches. What shall I have? Part of me says, “You haven’t eaten at Sauzys so that should be where you eat, BUT Gepetto’s has a new pizza on the menu, Pork LuLu. Now I admit, I am missing the islands, we just booked a three week trip to Hawaii this fall, this pizza is calling me.

I go up and order the Pork LuLu…they are out of smoked pork , no pork Lulu for me…but wait that was what I really wanted, leave it to Gepettos to make me a pizza similar to the Pork LuLu, just for me. I love Gepettos, they are creative, they think out of the box and make crazy pizzas that are to die for. And I always leave with a smile on my face.

So with happy taste buds, I decide to have desert with Sauzy’s they have a bourbon Bread Pudding on the menu. I LOVE bread pudding.

I am surprised at how long it takes to get my order, I mean they just have to heat it up right…..Wrong. I see someone reach for some bread near one of the windows and pull a hunk out. I don’t think about it. I finally get my order, the pudding looks “fluffy” not compact like bread pudding. I take a bite, and speu it out of my mouth. What is this crap?!!! It is fresh hunks of bread, with what tastes like coffee creamer poured over it. GROSS. It is soggy bread, it has not been baked, gosh I hope there were no eggs in the stuff that was poured over it. It goes straight to the trash.

OK lets go to Clear Fork and see who is there! I am dying to have something good after that nasty stuff I just had in my mouth. The first thing I see is Gastor Bomber!!!! I am getting me some Gasto Goodness! Gastro Bomber had something new on the menu, Shamrock Fries.

Shamrock Fries are slices of avocado with a panko crust that have been deep fried. Yum. But couldn’t leave without some pigs toes too and I had to get some strawberry basil Lemonade from Good Karma.

But the day would not be complete without a visit to Klyde Warren Park to visit Cool Haus. I had cherry cheesecake sammie with Red velvet cookie.

What a great end to a fun day of making Food Truck Connections with some of my favorite trucks.