Go ahead and ask: “What’s Cook’n Chef”

What's Cookn ChefTruck
What’s Cookn ChefTruck
Chef Javie Charts Success With the Special Sauce Whether you’ve been away for a while (like me) or your new to the DFW Food Truck Community, you’ve been missing out on Whats Cook-N Chef. In just a few short months, Chef Javie has made a name for the truck and created a loyal following. One taste and you’ll understand why!I caught up with Whats Cook-N Chef at Fort Worth Food Park. I’d barely arrived when good friend Eliud from Gepetto’s corrals me and says, “You gotta try the Churrascco Beans & Rice!” And he was right. The flavors blend together in a delightful way that is spicy and smooth but so hot it takes away from the taste. After sharing a large serving, TWO MORE servings went home to enjoy later.
Red Beans and RiceAnother standard offered for your enjoyment is the Churrasco Sandwich, available with your choice of Skirt Steak, Chicken or Pork and blended with Lettuce, Tomatoes and Provolone Cheese in Chef Javie’s Special Keymayo sauce. I loved this sandwich. If you like a Philly Cheesesteak and are open to a little Latin kick, this sandwich has your name on it!

Churrasco Beef Skirt Sandwich
Churrasco Beef Skirt Sandwich


To round out the experience (no pun intended), check out the Homemade Plantain Chips with, you guessed it, the Special Keymayo sauce. They’re crisp and fresh and, to my surprise, not sweet at all. I’m not much of a chip guy (and they have regular chips if you prefer), but these Plantain Chips are the perfect side.

Plantian Chips ftc

One visit and it’s clear – the key is the Special Keymayo Sauce. Used on all of the main dishes, Chef Javie has created his own unique signature. I have no idea what’s in it. All I know is that he needs to bottle it!!

If your mouth is watering for a Latin inspired tongue tango, you can find Whats Cook-N Chef on Facebook, Twitter or their website.