All Roads Lead to ROAM

I am PSYCHED!!! The first EVER Mobile Food Conference is scheduled in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, September 14th, and I AM GOING!!! The plane tickets and room are booked, registration confirmed – We’re going to Portland! (Of course I’m taking my trusty sidekick, best friend and partner Janice)

No, that’s not Janice. That’s my friend Christine tooling down the road in the Good Karma Kitchen truck!

Why should you consider going (besides all the awesome people who are going to be there and the fact this is historic event)??

If you are a new food truck owner or think you might want to become a food truck owner, START-UP BOOT CAMP is an all day program that will give you the fundamentals you’ll need to launch a successful business.

If you are already a food truck owner there is a smorgasbord of classes, lead by industry leaders and pioneers from across the land, to address your interests. Learn about the latest innovations in mobile vending, up your marketing with best practices for social media, online options and more, get valuable tips on how to gain the support of your city for mobile food vendors (I’ll be at that one for sure!), get information on how to grow your business or for an overview, take the Cliff Notes in Mobile Food Biz 101.

But why, you ask, am I so totally psyched?? Because I’m already hooked up with representatives from food truck organizations in Southern California, Portland, District of Columbia, NYC, Minnesota, Maryland, Phoenix, and New Orleans! I’ve got time scheduled to pick their brains about what works for them, their successes in creating a level playing field, and how each approaches their market uniquely.

There’s still time for you to join us in Portland.  For information about the conference, special room rates and registration, go to

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All roads lead to ROAM

Will you be on the road?