Q Burger being flame kissed on the Char Grille

Quiskee’s Kitchen

Quiskee’s Kitchen

After trying a single entrée from Quiskee’s Kitchen on a recent hot summer Sunday, I thought I’d pair them with Chez Flo, another newcomer where I’d also only had a single entrée and start a new feature, Quick Takes.  Things did not turn out as planned.

Faced with a choice, I decided to have lunch from Chez Flo (more to come about this new truck) and order from Quiskee’s ‘to go’ because a Rice Bowl would travel home better than a fresh crepe for supper.  After getting descriptions of the menu options from Chef Q, I settled on the Steak Rice Bowl with Cilantro and the Cucumber Cream Dill sauces.  To be fair, I tasted the rice bowl fresh and hot right off the truck.  The marinated steak was tender, juicy and flavorful with just a moderate bit of heat that will be just right for most folks.  The rice was perfectly cooked.  But the sauces …. WOW!  In response to the question, “Was it good?”, let’s just say none of it was left for Janice to try except the sauces.

Quiskee's Kitchen Beef Rice Bowl
Quiskee’s Kitchen Beef Rice Bowl

And that’s where the plan began to fall apart.  One taste of the sauces and Janice wanted to know where I got them.  And then, she wanted to know when we were going back.  And it wasn’t long.  And very shortly after arriving, the plan began to evolve again.

Chef Q is really, really proud of his ¾ pound Char Grilled Q’s Burger.  Most of the time at a food truck, they holler your name out the serving window and you come to get the food.   Not so with Chef Q.  When we arrived, he was … there’s no other word for it … PRESENTING a Q’s Burger to the customer at the table.  There it sits, a regal 4 inches or more high, with layers of yumminess on display and accompanied by seasoned fries.  This looks like a real Man vs. Food Challenge.  We had to have one.  And once I ratcheted my jaw open wide enough to take that first bite, I knew exactly why Chef Q is proud of this burger.


I don’t know about you, but this is what I want to see when my burger is cooking – flame kissed, char grilled goodness.

Q Burger being flame kissed on the Char Grille
Q Burger being flame kissed on the Char Grille

And as I write this, is Janice around to help?  Heck no, she’s taking a friend to the Quiskee’s Kitchen Food Truck Experience.  They went for the burger but it didn’t stop there.  There’s new stuff on the menu today.

On this day the menu includes your choice of Chicken or Steak Pita Nachos.  They chose steak (of course!); the same succulent marinated beef bites that you get on the Rice or Salad Bowls blended with melted cheese, onions, and jalapenos over fresh pita chips.  With the Nachos, the pita is obviously better fresh & crispy but the steak, cheese, veggies and seasonings continue to meld the longer it sits.  The ‘heat’ level seems to rise over time, too.  I thought it was pretty killer the next day.

Steak Pita Nachos the Quiskee's way
Steak Pita Nachos the Quiskee’s way

Another new item on the menu are Meat Pockets.  These smaller treats, about 4” in diameter, use a crisply crust to contain a blend of marinated steak, potatoes and vegetables.  Janice, who knows all of the culinary terms for tastes or flavors responded simply “yumminess” when I asked her to describe the taste.  These are definitely on my must try list the next time.

Quiskee's Kitchen Meat Pocket
Quiskee’s Kitchen Meat Pocket

One of the keys to success in running a food truck is customer interaction.  It’s a good thing when long lines keep the chef busy inside but on the hot summer day I was there, traffic was slower.  The Brothers Al-Ghaziani, Chef Adbul-Qadir and Chef Azeez, have the customer interaction thing down pat.  Chef Q greets every customer with a smile as big as his Q’s Burger!  You don’t have to take my word for it.  Just read the reviews on their Facebook page.

Chf Q
Chf Q

There’s no letting the customer simply read the menu when Chef Q can come out of the truck to describe the food to you, help you make the best choice for you and make your mouth start watering just from the description.

Quiskee's Kitchen Menu Board
Quiskee’s Kitchen Menu Board

To borrow a line from Chef Q, passion drives him “to create the food of my imagination.”  If you want to have your senses experience the “Food for the Soul” that his imagination dreams up, you can find the current location for Chef Q and the Quiskee’s Kitchen Food Truck on Facebook and Twitter.

Quiskee's Kitchen - Feeding Souls
Quiskee’s Kitchen – Feeding Souls

My apologies for exceeding my personal 600 word limit but 600 words just weren’t enough to tell you about Quiskee’s Kitchen.  Way too much for a Quick Take and I’ve just scratched the surface in what I know will be a long and scrumptious relationship that will leave a smile on my face … every time.

Quiskee's Kitchen Food Truck
Quiskee’s Kitchen Food Truck
Chef Q and Laura
Chef Q and Laura
Adding Cheese to the Q's Burger
Adding Cheese to the Q’s Burger
Quiskee's Kitchen Steak Pita Nachos
Quiskee’s Kitchen Steak Pita Nachos
Quiskee's Kitchen Meat Pockets
Quiskee’s Kitchen Meat Pockets