All Roads Lead to ROAM

I am PSYCHED!!! The first EVER Mobile Food Conference is scheduled in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, September 14th, and I AM GOING!!! The plane tickets and room are booked, registration confirmed – We’re going to Portland! (Of course I’m taking my trusty sidekick, best friend and partner Janice)

No, that’s not Janice. That’s my friend Christine tooling down the road in the Good Karma Kitchen truck!

Why should you consider going (besides all the awesome people who are going to be there and the fact this is historic event)??

If you are a new food truck owner or think you might want to become a food truck owner, START-UP BOOT CAMP is an all day program that will give you the fundamentals you’ll need to launch a successful business.

If you are already a food truck owner there is a smorgasbord of classes, lead by industry leaders and pioneers from across the land, to address your interests. Learn about the latest innovations in mobile vending, up your marketing with best practices for social media, online options and more, get valuable tips on how to gain the support of your city for mobile food vendors (I’ll be at that one for sure!), get information on how to grow your business or for an overview, take the Cliff Notes in Mobile Food Biz 101.

But why, you ask, am I so totally psyched?? Because I’m already hooked up with representatives from food truck organizations in Southern California, Portland, District of Columbia, NYC, Minnesota, Maryland, Phoenix, and New Orleans! I’ve got time scheduled to pick their brains about what works for them, their successes in creating a level playing field, and how each approaches their market uniquely.

There’s still time for you to join us in Portland.  For information about the conference, special room rates and registration, go to

You can also LIKE ROAM on Facebook. Follow the buzz on Twitter.

All roads lead to ROAM

Will you be on the road?

Goodness Gracious Great Balls and Sliders

Nothing is better than a great burger.  My opinion is that it is HARD to find a really good burger. But you won’t be disappointed at Goodness Gracious Great Balls and Sliders. They rank in my top 5 burger trucks.Goodness Gracious Great Ball and Sliders truck webOur Meal today

Goodness Gracious Great Ball and Sliders Group

Le Chevre Doux- Fresh sourdough bread with goat cheese and a slice of ham for those who just aren’t in a burger mood.

Goodness Gracious Great Ball and Sliders Le Chevre Doux   Goodness Gracious Great Ball and Sliders American

The All American with Organic beef, bacon, tillamook cheddar, vidalia onions, greens and Garlic aoili. You can’t get much more American than this.

Goodness Gracious Great Ball and Sliders Black & Blue  Black & Bleu- They got all fancy on this one and crusted the organic beef with pepper, bleu cheese, garlic aiolis and spring greens. If you are a bleu cheese lover, make sure to pick this one.


Goodness Gracious Great Ball and Sliders El MestizoEl Mestizo- Organic beef, green chili raja, Queso Fresca, clantro and garlic aioli.

I dare you to order one of each, then you tell me which one  you like the best.

Go ahead and ask: “What’s Cook’n Chef”

What's Cookn ChefTruck
What’s Cookn ChefTruck
Chef Javie Charts Success With the Special Sauce Whether you’ve been away for a while (like me) or your new to the DFW Food Truck Community, you’ve been missing out on Whats Cook-N Chef. In just a few short months, Chef Javie has made a name for the truck and created a loyal following. One taste and you’ll understand why!I caught up with Whats Cook-N Chef at Fort Worth Food Park. I’d barely arrived when good friend Eliud from Gepetto’s corrals me and says, “You gotta try the Churrascco Beans & Rice!” And he was right. The flavors blend together in a delightful way that is spicy and smooth but so hot it takes away from the taste. After sharing a large serving, TWO MORE servings went home to enjoy later.
Red Beans and RiceAnother standard offered for your enjoyment is the Churrasco Sandwich, available with your choice of Skirt Steak, Chicken or Pork and blended with Lettuce, Tomatoes and Provolone Cheese in Chef Javie’s Special Keymayo sauce. I loved this sandwich. If you like a Philly Cheesesteak and are open to a little Latin kick, this sandwich has your name on it!

Churrasco Beef Skirt Sandwich
Churrasco Beef Skirt Sandwich


To round out the experience (no pun intended), check out the Homemade Plantain Chips with, you guessed it, the Special Keymayo sauce. They’re crisp and fresh and, to my surprise, not sweet at all. I’m not much of a chip guy (and they have regular chips if you prefer), but these Plantain Chips are the perfect side.

Plantian Chips ftc

One visit and it’s clear – the key is the Special Keymayo Sauce. Used on all of the main dishes, Chef Javie has created his own unique signature. I have no idea what’s in it. All I know is that he needs to bottle it!!

If your mouth is watering for a Latin inspired tongue tango, you can find Whats Cook-N Chef on Facebook, Twitter or their website.


Design District Markets Spring 2013 Event, May 30, 2013

Press Contact:
Monica Diodati
(214) 741-5018

The Design District Market’s Spring Installment Features Live Music, Vendors & Local Beer

Taking place on May 30, 2013, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the 300 block of Cole Street, the third Design District Market will combine all the characteristics of our previous markets (the vendors, beer, wine, food trucks, music) and set them against a warm spring evening. The market aims to give the Design District a neighborhood block party/street fair of its own, with live bands, local artisans, Community Beer Co. beer and plenty of food trucks.

Live music will be provided by The Venetian Sailors and Catamaran. Food trucks present will include Yellow Belly Food Truck, Pompeii Food Truck, and Eat Jo Dawgs.

There are 40+ local vendors setting up shop; details are available on the vendor list below.
Special thanks to our sponsors: Community Beer Company and Yelp! Dallas.

About the Market
The Design District Market was started by neighborhood developer Jim Lake Companies to fill a need in the
Design District for free, fun public events, hoping to cultivate a sense of community between neighborhood
residents, business owners and visitors through a shared experience. Bringing over 1,500 people to the Design
District during each event, the outdoor street fair has proved extremely popular. As one vendor put it:
“You guys better do this again or else there might be riots in the DDD streets…Everyone we talked to that works or lives in the area were all so excited for a block party type event in their neighborhood.”

About the Organizer
Jim Lake Companies is a commercial real estate and redevelopment firm founded in 1964. With nearly 2
million square feet in the Design District and Bishop Arts, JLC places a high value on community development, quality of life, and urban revitalization in its neighborhoods of focus.

Participating Vendors
Concrete Notions
Tony and Traci
Seeds to Love
Electrique ladyland
Dixie Goods Company
Colcerex Trading Co
Eat Jo dawgs
Jazzy Fat’s Cajun Classic
EMA Baking Co.
Hot Mess T-shirts
Pompeii Food Truck
Community Beer Company
Kitchen Beautician
Dowdy Studio
Blue Moon Jewelry
Spirit Ranch
Tuni’s Peruvian Beads
BKC Leathercrafts
Nata Valentine
Sweet Texas Olive
Island Time Fragrances
Boutique la Bohéme
Yellow Belly food truck
Sew Sew Funky
Special J Antiques
Durty Laundry
Re-Fab Lab
Laurelie Jewelry
Cowgirl BrandsLLC/ Texas Olive Ranch
Eboni Blu
Becerra’s Tex-Mex Salsas & Sauces
Mad Jewels
Stephanie’s Premium Bakery
Mandala Design
f. is for frank
By Jennifer June
Lazy Josh Craftworks
Don Colman
m.v.c by misty chanel
d.p.c. By Dora Yim
Lathered in Art handmade soaps
Regal Cottage
Wren & Rumor
BLC Travel Photography
Sugar Derby Mobile

New Patio

Just a Food Truck Sunday in DFW

A Food Truck Sunday! Whoo hoo
What could be more fun than a day devoted just to food trucks and food truck friends?
We start our day out at Fort Worth Food Park and as we approach we see something new. A new deck , that expands the space even more. It is very nice looking.

Now mmmm who shall I start with for my dining pleasure? Today in the park is, Jet Sweets, Three Lions, Salsa Limon, Gepetto’s, Simply Dosa and Sauzy’s Gourmet Burgers and Sandwiches. What shall I have? Part of me says, “You haven’t eaten at Sauzys so that should be where you eat, BUT Gepetto’s has a new pizza on the menu, Pork LuLu. Now I admit, I am missing the islands, we just booked a three week trip to Hawaii this fall, this pizza is calling me.

I go up and order the Pork LuLu…they are out of smoked pork , no pork Lulu for me…but wait that was what I really wanted, leave it to Gepettos to make me a pizza similar to the Pork LuLu, just for me. I love Gepettos, they are creative, they think out of the box and make crazy pizzas that are to die for. And I always leave with a smile on my face.

So with happy taste buds, I decide to have desert with Sauzy’s they have a bourbon Bread Pudding on the menu. I LOVE bread pudding.

I am surprised at how long it takes to get my order, I mean they just have to heat it up right…..Wrong. I see someone reach for some bread near one of the windows and pull a hunk out. I don’t think about it. I finally get my order, the pudding looks “fluffy” not compact like bread pudding. I take a bite, and speu it out of my mouth. What is this crap?!!! It is fresh hunks of bread, with what tastes like coffee creamer poured over it. GROSS. It is soggy bread, it has not been baked, gosh I hope there were no eggs in the stuff that was poured over it. It goes straight to the trash.

OK lets go to Clear Fork and see who is there! I am dying to have something good after that nasty stuff I just had in my mouth. The first thing I see is Gastor Bomber!!!! I am getting me some Gasto Goodness! Gastro Bomber had something new on the menu, Shamrock Fries.

Shamrock Fries are slices of avocado with a panko crust that have been deep fried. Yum. But couldn’t leave without some pigs toes too and I had to get some strawberry basil Lemonade from Good Karma.

But the day would not be complete without a visit to Klyde Warren Park to visit Cool Haus. I had cherry cheesecake sammie with Red velvet cookie.

What a great end to a fun day of making Food Truck Connections with some of my favorite trucks.

Short Leash Adds Saturday Brunch to the Schedule

Hot Dogs for Breakfast? Oh, Yeah!

One of the added benefits from visiting my daughter in Phoenix is that I get to check in on the Food Truck scene and see what’s happening. Food trucks are alive and well in Phoenix, with new trucks opening on a regular basis. And while I still have plenty of new trucks to try, Short Leash Hot Dogs keeps coming up with new reasons to come back again. And I do!

The latest ‘new thing’ from Short Leash is a Saturday morning Brunch at The Truck Stop on Roosevelt Row CDC between 3rd & 5th Street from 10am – 2pm. The inaugural outing was February 8th and through sheer dumb luck (and a little help from my daughter), I was there. It happens to be Saturday morning as I write this and I wish I had a private jet so I could be there again today.

One of the things I love about Short Leash is that they keep the menu short and change it up regularly. If you haven’t figured it out by now, the best way to enjoy a food truck is to go with friends and a short menu means you can try EVERYTHING! We showed a little restraint and only ordered 4 out of 5 items on today’s menu.

The Crispy Dog Breakfast is GENIUS! Crispy and crunchy breaks through to spicy, soft and satisfying sensations. This Southwestern inspired creation is like a Breakfast Chimichanga that tantalizes all of your different taste buds. If you want to start your day with a little spice, the Crispy Dog Breakfast is just what you need.

I have to admit that I’m a recent convert to Grits. In all honesty, they’re hard to do right and I find they are really good or really bad. Whether you already love grits or you need to be a convert, you need to try the Green Chile Cheese Grits. They’re smooth, creamy and cheesy (almost buttery). The Green Chiles are mild and the sausage blends perfectly to give a little texture and savory balance. Short Leash has transformed this Southern favorite into something that is faithful to the tradition while being uniquely southwestern.

The Breakfast Scramble is just what it sounds like with a twist. All of the usual ‘scramble’ ingredients are here but faithful to the concept that truck food is ‘hand food’; this scramble is served in toasted Naan bread and eaten like a sandwich. Let the kids have the chopped hot dog but adults may want to opt for the Chorizo. If you want to spice it up even more, there’s always salsa or hot sauce, but don’t go overboard. The flavors will evolve and dance across your taste buds offering a whole range of satisfaction that you shouldn’t drown out.

Chicken and Waffles are pretty common in the Southwest and they come in a variety of combinations. Short Leash mixes it up by using a Cheddar Waffle and Chicken Sausage that is both true to the ‘dog’ theme and an interesting change from fried chicken. This savory combo is complemented, if you choose and I recommend you do, by Maple Syrup.

I told you we showed just a little restraint and we did not order the Pancake Tacos & Eggs. Fortunately, our tablemates did order them and give it a two-thumbs up!

It was a little chilly, especially by Phoenix standards, but that didn’t keep folks away. Most brought coffee with them but Brad & Kat Moore promise that French Press Coffee from the Royal will soon join the menu.

The folks at Short Leash Hot Dogs, who first brought you Sit & Stay on Friday nights, plan to make Saturday Morning Brunch a regular part of the schedule. If you are looking for a scrumptious way to start your Saturday, look no further than The Truck Stop at Roosevelt CDC, and find out why hot dogs (or sausage dogs) are the perfect breakfast food!

If you want to experience other creative hot dog creations, you can find out where Short Leash Hot Dogs is setting up by following them on Facebook or Twitter.

Connecting Food Trucks and Food Truck Fans