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Kelly Family Farms Food Truck Answers the Question: “Where’s the beef?”

The simple things in life are the best.

Anybody over 30 or so probably remembers the 80’s  Wendy’s commercial that made Where’s the beef? one of the most famous catch-phrases of the day and Clara Peller everyone’s favorite grandmother.  The newest place in Collin County to answer this question is the Kelly Family Farm Food Truck.  I literally just got back from their soft-opening and couldn’t wait to spread the word.

Kelly Family Farms Food Truck - look for it on the south side of  W Lucas Road in Parker, TX
Kelly Family Farms Food Truck – look for it on the south side of W Lucas Road in Parker, TX

Ask anyone who’s been in the food truck business about the formula for success and almost everyone will agree:

  • Keep the menu simple and focus on consistent delivery
  • Fresh, good quality ingredients combined to make great food
  • Acceptable wait times
  • A friendly staff that engages every customer like you are their best friend

The folks at Kelly Family Farms check every box already.   Before we could even place our order, we were met by Channin Kelly and promised the best burger we’ve ever eaten.  Those are bold words and we promised to let her know what we thought after we ate.  Let’s just put it this way.  I think I said 3 times in the 15 minute drive home, “that was a good burger!”

The menu is about as simple as it gets:  You can have anything you want as long as it is a burger but you can have your burger just about any way you want it.  Pick your size, choose your fixins and the combo includes a drink and chips.

Pick your challenge of 1-4 patties and dress it up the way you like it.
Pick your challenge of 1-4 patties and dress it up the way you like it.

Never one to back down from a challenge, we opted to tackle the Cattle Barron, a massive quad (that’s 4) patty burger bulging out of the toasted bun and dressed with cheese, mustard, mayo, onions and jalapenos.  This juicy, tender, perfectly cooked creation melted in your mouth like buttah on the stove.

King of the heap - the Cattle Baron with Cheese
King of the heap – the Cattle Barron with Cheese

It’s almost not fair to ask a bun to handle that much beef but the toasted bun (my favorite way to prepare a burger bun) mostly held together and totally held its own in flavor, freshness and yummi-ness. It’s being picky but if I had any complaint it’s that the bun got all wrinkled up in the wrap and wasn’t very pretty.  After the first bite, I didn’t much care.

We managed to stop long enough to capture the Cattle Baron halfway through.
We managed to stop long enough to capture the Cattle Barron halfway through.  This one is all about the beef!

In order to provide an equal opportunity test, we also went to the ‘lighter’ side of the menu for the Kelly Classic w/bacon, added cheese (of course!) and our preference on condiments.  This single patty burger is much more balanced.  Unless you’re just hankering for a bunch of beef, the balance on the Kelly Classic provided a more entertaining and complex sensation of flavors and textures.  For you non-foodies, that means it tasted REAL good.

The Kelly Classic with bacon and cheese
The Kelly Classic with bacon and cheese, onions, pickles and jalapenos, mustard and mayo.

If there is any bad news, the plans are for the trailer to stay in place most of the time.  But that’s good news for burger or food truck fans in eastern Collin County who generally have to drive an hour or more to find food trucks in the Dallas area.  Maybe, if we ask nicely, we can convince them to join up with some of our other awesome food trucks in North Texas for a special event.

The Kelly Family Farms Food Truck lot.
The Kelly Family Farms Food Truck lot.  Thank goodness there’s more parking to the left side!

This truck can make a claim no other food truck in the area can make.  They raise all of the beef used in the burgers and they proudly tell you 10 different ways grass fed beef is better for your than grain fed beef on the website.  You can follow the comments of their satisfied customers on Facebook and hear about the appearances at special events on Twitter.  They are open Tuesday-Saturday, 10:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m.


Seating is limited but in keeping with the 'family' spirit, tables come in adult (shown) and kids (not shown here) sizes.
Seating is limited but in keeping with the ‘family’ spirit, tables come in adult (shown) and kids (not shown here) sizes.

I think I”ll lay awake tonight planning my next visit so I can confirm they’ve got down the  ‘consistent delivery’ thing ….

Bite My Biscuit

It’s all about the biscuit!  Anybody can offer you sandwiches on somebody else’s bread but Candace and Grant  Lambdin serve up a host of delightful sandwiches served on scratch made biscuits.

Bite My Biscuit
The creative menu board is your first indication that this truck doesn’t follow the crowd but goes it’s own way to stand out in a good way.

When you walk up to the gleaming stainless steel trailer, your first glimpse of the creative spirit inside that came up with all the recipes are the menu boards hanging on the side of the trailer drawing you in to discover what tantalizing treats are to be found. Interesting, ingenious and practical – just take down the mini-blackboard when you run out of an item.

If you fall into the group that follows the mantra, “Life is short, eat dessert first”, then like me, your eyes are gonna naturally fall on the board that says Brandy Biscuit Bread Pudding first.

Bite My Biscuit
Brandy Biscuit Bread Pudding –  Did I say Brandy?  ‘Nuff said!

And that first bite is gonna make you want to order another one!  But don’t, there’s lots more good stuff waiting for you on another board.

The wife and I quickly make a sandwich choice and my penchant for all things beefy and spicy make my choice easy -The Spicy Biscuit Burger.

Bite My Biscuit
The spicy burger biscuit ($7) comes with candied jalapenos, bacon cream cheese and a generous beef patty.

The Spicy Burger Biscuit is a different take on the traditional burger.  The biscuit is a little sweet, the patty substantial but fear not – it’s only a little spicy.  I was curious about the candied jalapenos and happy to see that restraint is the order of the day.  The candied coating is light and nicely contrasts with the ‘heat’ of the freshly sliced jalapeno.  It’s obvious the ingredients are high quality and fresh.

The menu offers a number of othersandwich options, including the Fried Chicken Biscuit ATW (All The Way), and the FFL-FGT (a bacon and fried green tomato sandwhich with fresh arugala).   I’ll try one of those on a future visit but today is a beef day.  The wife being more appreciative of well matched ingredients less commonly found on a sandwich opted for the Chef Biscuit.

Bite My Biscuit

The Chef Biscuit ($8) is the most popular sandwich at Bite My Biscuit. It’s no wonder with juicy, tender Hangar Steak, Arugala, Red Onion and the special  Balsamic Creme Fraiche sauce.

A meal needs more than a burger – it needs potatoes!  And what better proof do you need that they’re incredible than the Sweet Potato Frites selling out just before we ordered !  The frites are shredded,  deep fried to a crispy state and drizzled with marshmallow brandy cream sauce.   I will be trying the frites on a future trip to Bite My Biscuit!

Bite My Biscuit
The Potato Fries ($4) are thinly sliced and lightly deep fried.

With the frites sold out, we had to ‘settle’ for the Potato Fries.  Sliced super thin, deep fried to a golden color they make you think of potato chips.  Ours came out a little less crispy than I expected but if you like your taters prepared this way, these are certain to please.

Here’s the whole meal.  Plenty for two for about $22 bucks not counting drinks.

Bite My Biscuit
The family (of two) meal made our way!

Bite My Biscuit is a Tarrant County based truck that’s only been operating since March 14, 2014, so don’t feel bad if you haven’t tried them yet.  You can find them at Weatherford “trade days” events other locations, mostly on the southwest side of the metroplex.  They’re busy booking events so if you want hire them or just order from the window, check them out at Facebook or check for current locations on Twitter.

Look for the gleaming stainless steel trailer and the lines to find Bite My Biscuit.
Look for the gleaming stainless steel trailer and the long lines to find Bite My Biscuit.

Cafe_de_Wheels_ Chicken_sandwhich

Cafe de Wheels – Cincinnati



Cincinnati’s First Rolling Café Continues to Pioneer the Cincy Food Truck Scene


There’s a Dallas connection with Cincinnati’s pioneering food truck.  Dallas resident Tony Acito moved to Cincinnati following a job offer.  Much to his surprise, the job offer fell through, and Tony decided it was time to pursue a dream.  Café de Wheels is the result – Cincinnati’s first food truck.  Café de Wheels introduced food trucks to Cincinnati and Tony worked with the Cincinnati City Council to create an ordinance/pilot program allowing food trucks to park downtown.  Being from Dallas, I had to eat at this truck.  I caught up with Café de Wheels at Fountain Square, a place food trucks get to park only because of the effort Tony made with City Council to make it possible.

The menu has evolved over time.  An early excerpt about the menu offered a daily fare of “burgers, pot pies, tortas cubanas, homemade desserts and coffee.”  When I visited recently, the menu featured burgers with a limited number of other sandwiches and supporting items like Steak Fries (regular or sweet potato).


I know you are supposed to go with the feature item but I elected to go with the Spicy Panko Fried Chicken sandwich and Steak Fries.  I admit I’m pretty spoiled by the unbelievably high quality food I get from home-based Dallas food trucks but, well …, based on this single experience I’m not sure Tony would be as successful in Dallas.  Clearly, this is one person’s opinion based on a single visit and maybe I hit an off day.  I spoke with some other diners and clearly Café de Wheels has a strong following in the Cincinnati market.

The Meal


The chicken sandwich was nicely coated with a crispy, albeit slightly greasy, coating and the chicken itself was moist and tender.  The bun was OK but did nothing to make the sandwich stand out.  The spicy mayo added an uptick in the flavor and the lettuce and tomato joined in for their contribution to the taste and texture experience.

The Panko Fried Chicken Sandwich


The Steak Fries were a real disappointment.  I love great steak fries.  The kind of steak fries that are big and fat — crispy outside, soft and comforting on the inside and spiced just enough you don’t need ketchup or other condiments.  Despite a 10 minute plus wait for the meal, the fries were undercooked and greasy, overpowering any of the flavors that should have come from the sea salt, fresh cracked pepper and granulated garlic posted on the menu.  Or maybe those gourmet seasonings have been dropped in favor of ordinary salt.  Sorry, but I didn’t finish the fries.

I really wish I’d had the time to re-visit Café de Wheels.  I hoped for more.  I wanted more.   And from other people that I talked to, I expected more.  Business will take me back to Cincy at some point and fairness demands I give Café de Wheels a second chance.


Regardless of my first impression, Café de Wheels is doing well.  In fact, Tony recently opened a fixed location – Base Camp Burgers & Fries.  Located at Dive Bar on Short Vine in Corryville, Café de Wheels will serve food from a burger window, about the same size as the one on the truck, from 11 AM – 11 PM during the week and late on weekends.  Tom will use this location as his commissary and plans to add new items to the menu at the bar including some breakfast items for late night bar patrons.  The Café de Wheels food truck will continue to go to Fountain Square, local events and other locations.


If you can’t hook up with Café de Wheels at Fountain Square for lunch, you can follow them on Facebook or Twitter (@theburgertruck) for the current location or upcoming events.