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Eat Red. Drink Red. Save Lives. June 1-10, 2014.

DFW Food Trucks are well represented in the Eat Red. Drink Red. Save Lives. Campaign sponsored by Red.org.  This non-profit foundation funds aids research and treatment for AIDS in Africa, where AIDS remains a major threat and treatment, that costs only 40 cents per day, is not commonly available.

This is the first year for a food industry specific campaign.  Restaurants, bars, diners and food trucks all across the country have signed up to participate.

Each truck has designed a Red Menu item and donates a portion of the purchase price.  You can help #86AIDS by visiting one of these participating truck:

@brunchtruckdfw  @eatjodawgs  @funkytownfoods  @getenticed
@guavatreetruck  @pompeiidfw and @sauzysfoodtruck

For more information, view the videos below and visit www.red.org.

Eat Red. Drink Red. Save Lives. with (RED)

What can 40 cents but?

I’ll be out this weekend.  I hope I see you at the trucks.

Time to Plan the Weekend – Road Trip or Guitar Riff


DFW Food Truck Events Both Near and Far For Great Causes

It’s time to plan the weekend.  Whether you’re up for a road trip or want to stay closer to home, there are two big special events featuring food trucks this weekend.  Both events are being held to benefit great cause!

Dallas/Fort Worth INVADES San Antonio

There’s going to be a caravan of DFW food trucks travelling down I-35 for the first annual DFW Invades San Antonio.  They’re headed for Boardwalk on Bulverde, a food park in San Antonio where they will set up with local SA favorites for a weekend devoted to raising money to conquer Chiari, a devastating neurological disorder.

Dallas/Fort Worth Trucks include:

Drifting Bistro
Easy Slider
Good Karma Kitchen
Pompeii (debut)



San Antonio Trucks scheduled are:

Rickshaw Stop
Society Bakery
Spice Runner
Taco King
Guilty Pleasures
Primo Passo Pizzeria
Sabor Columbiano
Totally Shredded
Toastie Buns
KC’s Cones

Yours truly will be making the trip with the DFW Trucks and I’ll bring back the full report.  Besides, somebody’s gotta go and make sure San Antonio doesn’t try to hi-jack one (or more) of our great trucks.

This is a family (and dog!) friendly event with multiple playgrounds, a full arcade, moon bounce house and live music.  You’ll find more than 10 choices of beer for purchase in addition to soft drinks, Gatorade and water.  Admission and parking are FREE!  You can find more information about the food park, including directions and maps, at this website.

White Rock Lake Tunes & Trucks Festival

If you need to stay closer to home, there’s lots of good trucks staying in DFW and many of them are going to be hanging our at this great festival to benefit the White Rock Lake Foundation.  This year’s Festival Theme is “Tunes & Trucks” with two full days of activities planned featuring hot bands and great food trucks:

         Featured Trucks:

          CNJ Texas BBQ

          Crazy Fish

          Cup Cakin’

          Doughboys Pizza

          Four Seasons

          Gandolfo’s NY Deli

          Jack’s Chow Hound

          The Butcher’s Son

          The Lab of the Street

There’ll be plenty of hot licks and toe-tappin’ music to enjoy with your gourmet truck food.  Just look at this line-up:

I thought about making some music pairing suggestions with the food but decided it was better to leave that choice to you!

There is a $5.00 admission charge (FREE under 5 years old) to the festival but 100% of those proceeds go to help maintain and beautify White Rock Lake, a local natural treasure.  Get the kids face painted, take a canoe ride on the lake and find a loving 4-legged friend to adopt and take home with you at the pet adoption!

What great options!  Whether you plan to stay home or decide to take a road trip, either one of these events offer a great experience and the chance to support worthy causes.

This lady stopped to talk with us.  It was her first time to eat at a food truck and she chose Gepetto's Pizza.

Bedford Food Truck Festival


First Food Truck Event Draws Many First Timers to the Trucks


What do you get when you invite five completely different food trucks, the Lone Star Camaro Club, and a DJ to a local strip center parking lot in Bedford, TX, for a free summer event?   Apparently, you get a population hungry to find out what this burgeoning dining movement that involves eating audaciously good food served from a truck is all about!.  At least that’s what happened Saturday night at the Bedford Meadows Shopping Center when the first ever food truck event in Bedford drew hundreds of eager and curious diners to the center.

Good turnout for the Bedford Food Truck Festival


The featured attraction was the trucks:  Yes! Tacos, Crazyfish (sushi), Gepetto Pizza, Good Karma Kitchen (vegan/vegetarian) and Slush Works (frozen iced drinks).   And what is totally awesome is that the idea started with Chris Leavell, Brad DeYoung and Fred Hopkins, the owners of the Bedford Meadows Shopping Center, who recognized the draw that food trucks bring and how that exposure benefits all the tenants in the center.  What a progressive position to recognize that food trucks and brick & Mortar establishments can work together for the benefit of both!

The line at Yes! Taco was often 15-20 deep and and just as long at each of the trucks.


I go to a lot of events and pop-up food parks, but what really stood out tonight was the number of first timers who came out.  I overheard people from 6-60 who were having their first food truck experience.

This lady stopped to talk with us. It was her first time to eat at a food truck and she chose Gepetto’s Pizza.


Even Chris Leavell, one of the owners of Bedford Meadows, who helped put the event together, had never eaten at a food truck.  And would you believe that he and his partners ate at every single truck!

Owner Jim Leavell (L) chats with Bedford Mayor, Jim Story (R), who came out to show his support.


Mayor Jim Story, who stopped by to support the event and see what it was all about, tried out the food.  I even spotted him leaving with food to take home!

Crazy Fish and Slush works both had consistent lines all night


Chris Leavell reports the event was to give back to the tenants and to bring more attention to the newly renovated center.   But just as importantly, the event was a success for everyone involved.  The owners made a $1000 donation to the Susan G. Komen Foundation in honor of the event.  The Bedford Animal Shelter was invited to promote pet adoptions and seek support for their community work.

By 7:30 PM, trucks began selling out of individual items.     Photo courtesy of Chris Leavell.


The trucks had a great night, with two of them selling completely out of food.  Danny’s Celtic Pub was celebrating their grand opening and their kitchen sold completely out of food.  Anthony Resio, owner of Italian Sub Shop says he thought it was a great success for everyone there.

Sold Out signs went up in Yes! Taco and Good Karma Kitchen and the kitchen at Danny’s Celtic Pub ran out of food, too! Thanks, Bedford, for the tremendous support!! Photo courtesy of Chris Leavell.


The Lone Star Camaro Club brought out their cars for everyone to enjoy and Randy Ro Entertainment provided music.

The Lone Star Camaro Club hosted a car show.


Mr. Mayor, I believe the people of Bedford have spoken.  Please listen to the people, support your local retailers and invite the trucks back to Bedford!

The owners told me that they plan to bring the event back the last Saturday of each month.  They’re already planning the changes needed to make it even better – tables in the center and more room between the trucks to accommodate the people.

You can find out more about upcoming events at Bedford Meadows at the Legacy Alliance website or you can check back here at Food Truck Connection for an update for the next Bedford Food Truck Festival.



Inside the Truck With …. Crazy Fish

Inside the Truck With … Crazy Fish


The atmosphere in the food truck community is kind of like hanging out with friends.  As you get to know the people responsible for bringing unique, high quality food to the streets, you quickly recognize that they are as unique as their trucks and their menus.  This is the first in an ongoing series to introduce you to the people behind the trucks … and the food.  I thought the only chivalrous thing to do was to start with the ladies in the Dallas Food Truck scene.

The newest truck in Dallas owned and operated by an all-female team is Crazy Fish.

Crazy Fish, owned and operated by Tenielle Powers, is the first and currently the only sushi truck operating in the DFW market.


Food Truck Connection (FTC):  Listened to you for about 3 words and it’s clear you’re not a Dallas native.  How did we get fortunate enough for you to end up here?

Tenielle:  Well, I used to own an Ultra Lounge in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia. After some time of trying to make it a fruitful venture and working crazy hours I decided to wrap it up, be free of being an employer with all the pressure, drama and late nights, and move to Las Vegas to experience my twenties with no strings attached. That I did. And I was very good at it…lol!!!

While I was saving for Crazy Fish I was predominately working in the night club scene, as an employee, not an employer!


FTC:  When did Crazy Fish hit the streets and where was the first place you set up?

Tenielle:  Our first day out was May 5th.  Been rolling ever since. The first place we set up was Hightower Salons on 635 and Macarthur. It was a nice open spot where people could see us.


FTC:  How did you come up with the name Crazy Fish?

Tenielle:  Crazy Fish is a name that me and my brother came up with some years ago. He actually went on to open several conveyor style restaurants in Australia.


FTC:  Let’s talk sushi … where did you get introduced to sushi?

Tenielle:  I became very excited about sushi on a trip to Japan back in 1997 when I was 20 years old. I came across this conveyor belt Sushi restaurant in Shibuya Tokyo where they had Salmon Nigiri with Japanese mayo and a slice of onion going around on a conveyor belt. Those three flavors together had me hooked.

At Crazy Fish, we will evolve the tradition!  We take out all the stereotypes about sushi … and replace it with more interesting twists.  Our menu is organic, our fish is wild and all meats are free range.  To go along with our wildness, we add some color to the equation.  And all six of our specialty sauces are on the side so you can dip to your taste.


FTC:  What is the most misunderstood thing about sushi?

Tenielle:  That it is all raw. Traditional sushi is raw but sushi restaurants in western countries always carry cooked items so there is something for everyone. I have discovered that people decide that they don’t like sushi before they have tried it. I have personally broken through that barrier this week with a couple of customers!


FTC:  You sure broke that barrier with me.  What convinced you that a Sushi Truck would be successful in the heart of cattle country?

Tenielle:  Ha! Sushi restaurants do well in Texas so why not a truck? Mobile sushi is a niche that hasn’t really been looked into very much, so now I’m trying to conquer it, one roll at a time!


FTC:  Where do you get the recipes for the different rolls on the menu?  Who named them?

Tenielle:  That’s a great question! There are a lot of funny stories to do with our roll names. For example, The Asian Persuasion is named after a guy my closest friend is dating… the Red White and Blue was named by a girl friend of mine that’s in PR, she thought it would be great to have a Patriotic roll in the mix. The Bucking Bull Roll is named after a friend of mine who has a radio show. It was his suggestion to have a Texas roll that would inspire people to try sushi. I have taken a lot of ideas in conversation and put them into our menu. I want to personalize our rolls and have fun with it.


FTC:  The graphics on the truck are great.  Who designed the wrap?

Tenielle:  Thank you! My peeps at RolArt helped me design the wrap. It was a collation of ideas.


FTC:  Does your truck have a name or is that just a guy thing?

Tenielle:  Actually no, but strangely our delivery vehicle does. MILFORD. Hilarious story too…..

[FTC:  We’ll try to get that story for you later!]


FTC:  What about that Crazy Fish on the side of the truck – does it have a name? 

Tenielle:  No


FTC:  No?  I think we should have a contest to name it as your mascot?  What do you think?

Tenielle:   I like that idea!


FTC:  Let’s learn a little bit more about you.  What do you like most about operating Crazy Fish?

Tenielle:  I think it’s all the camaraderie with all the food trucks and customers. That is such a rewarding part for me. It is also very exciting to see something that you visualized and created enjoyed by another. It’s exhilarating.


FTC:  What’s the dumbest thing anyone has said to you so far?

Tenielle:  So a roll is a sandwich, right?  I had a giggle but we really want to educate, too, so it’s all good.


FTC:  What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you while working on the truck?

Tenielle:  Cheryl had a close call with the propane rice cooker and almost singed her eyebrows off. I think she would look good with no eyebrows anyway. Lol!



Cheryl Reeds is “little fish”, Tenielle’s  (“Big Fish”) side kick and right hand on the truck.  We may have to see what stories she has to tell!]


FTC:  Has anyone proposed to you yet while working on the truck?

Tenielle:  Lol! What a funny question!  Ummmm, no.  I think I have never been this single. Hahaha.  If I was dating, I’d probably be single again anyway coming home every day smelling like fish.


FTC:  Most people may not realize how much work it is to run a food truck.  What do you do to relax and recharge?

Tenielle:  I have a little foot spa where they give Chinese foot reflexology. It is the most awesome thing ever. You get foot and hand and back massage for an hour and a half for only $50 dollars. So good, my hands get really sore and achy from squeezing 150 sushi rolls a day.


FTC:  Where do you see things going with food trucks in the future?

Tenielle:  I think this boom is just starting. There will be many more, some that last, some that don’t. I think you will see the strong ones open up full restaurants after establishing their customer base. This is what I hope to do. I’m not sure people fully understand the hard work involved in this when they are starting. It’s an 18 hour a day job. I actually dreamt about food truck last night. Seriously.


FTC:  Crazy Fish is off to a strong start and is rapidly developing a solid following.  She’s probably going to need to put the foot spa on speed dial!

A big Thanks to Tenielle Powers for being my guinea pig.  If you’d like to be featured in a future interview or if you have a favorite truck and you’d like to know more about the owner, send the name of the truck and contact info via email to terry@foodtruckconnection.co.

If you enjoyed this, let me know and comment.  Who would you like for me to interview?  Anything in particular you’d like to know?

And this is after crashing into the pavement and starting to melt!!

Siegel’s: Food Truck Experience

Neither rain nor hail … can keep me from my Food Truck quest.

My first food truck experience was at Siegel’s for the inaugural food truck gathering in Dallas, Texas.  Since then, they’ve become a regular event by hosting the Food Truck Experience every Wednesday night from 6 – 9 PM at the 5757 Greenville Road location.  Luck, bad luck as it turns out, caused me to return to Siegel’s for a return visit.  After all, it was the 13th day of June …

About 6:30, the skies opened up and I found myself in the middle of one of the biggest hail storms to hit Dallas in a long time.  I’ve never seen hail this big!  I was standing outside the Free Wheelin’ truck waiting for my Philly Cheesesteak sandwich when the first hailstones hit, almost before the rain arrived.  And the longer I stood there, the heavier the rain and hail got.

And the skies opened up ... and down came the rain and hail

Before taking refuge inside the Free Wheelin truck, thanks to a gracious invitation from my new BFF’s Floyd Freeman and Trina Simpson, I picked up this hailstone from the ground.  But not before getting nailed in the shoulder blade by it’s twin.  Yep, that left a bruise!!

And this is after crashing into the pavement and starting to melt!!

In addition to the Free Wheelin Café truck, the line-up of trucks tonight features a diverse selection of food choices.  There’s Semplice Cibo Italian, Crazy Fish, Cajun Tailgators, Good Karma Kitchen, and Rockstar Bakeshop.   The line-up changes every week so check before you go.  Your favorite truck, or better yet that new truck you are dying to try, will probably show up soon.

The Free Wheelin Truck - Home of Authentic Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches

Sigel’s has proven to be a great partner for our local food trucks.  And they offer wine tastings in the store in case you want something adult to drink with the food.

Tonight would have been another perfect night if these hadn’t been on the menu.

I recommend the Philly Cheesesteak and Philly Fries - pass on the hail!!

Crazy Fish suffered a cracked windshield and I suspect all of the trucks had some damage.  I admit that once the hail and rain let up, I headed out but the trucks stuck it out and the crowd picked up once the skies cleared again.  Tough night, but that’s the life of a food truck junkie (I prefer Trukkie) .. . and our intrepid food truck operators.

TruckStock_May_Pano 1

Truckstock – The Movie

Truckstock – The Movie

What if you scheduled an event and nobody came?

Durty Laundry and Sylvan Thirty planned to reprise their very successful original Truckstock event in March by teaming up with The Texas Theatre to bring Truckstock the Movie.  In addition to a projected 25 food trucks and music by the Beat Breakerz, the night was capped off with an outdoor showing of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.



The food trucks held up their part of the deal but by the time this writer arrived about 6 PM, four trucks had already left and several more left while I was there.  Why?  Because there just weren’t enough customers to make it worthwhile to stay around.  This was unfair to the trucks that need sufficient traffic to turn a profit and unfair to the fans and supporters who did attend but not in time to find their favorites trucks there as expected.

I stayed until almost 8 PM and unless there was a rush after I left, I’d estimate the crowd hanging around for the movie numbered no more than 150-250 people.  I hope I’m wrong and there were more.

From my viewpoint, there are a number of reasons for the low turnout:

  • The original Truckstock was heavily advertised by the promoters, local media and the food truck community.  I didn’t even hear about Truckstock the Movie until a couple of days before and wouldn’t have heard of it then if it wasn’t on the Weekly Schedule of Events from SideDish.  A Google search doesn’t provide any returns about the May event until the last entry on page 2 for information posted PRIOR to the event.
  • Scheduling on a holiday weekend, when many people travel or have other plans creates huge competition.
  • The temperatures in the 90’s are much less conducive to lingering outside compared to the 70’s we were experiencing in March.
  • Since the original Truckstock, there are a number of new Food Truck Parks in Fort Worth and Dallas along with several recurring smaller pop-up gatherings on a regular basis and regular places.

Don’t take me wrong.  Kudos to Sylvan Thirty and Durty Laundry for supporting the Dallas food truck movement. And kudos to The Bomb Fried Pies and all the trucks who held out until the movie got going.

We have some terrific food truck options and some restrictive city ordinances that make it harder than it needs to be for the courageous, creative entrepreneurs that are bringing the food truck experience to Dallas.  As a fan myself, I want every food truck event to be a smashing success.  But there are lessons to be learned from Truckstock the Movie and I truly hope that these guys look at what went wrong and make sure it doesn’t happen again the next time … and I truly hope the series goes on.  When it does, you can count on me to be there with anticipation of writing nothing but glowing reports about how great it was to attend.





Crazy Fish_Eye of the Tiger_feature

Crazy Fish: a new fish in the Dallas Food Truck Pond:

Crazy Fish


I had the pleasure this weekend of running into Crazy Fish Food Truck, not once, but twice.

The truck is beautiful! Adorned with great graphics and color, how could anyone resist.

The force behind Crazy Fish is Tenielle Powers (on the left) and her little fish Cheryl  Reedy. Tenielle  has spent some serious time getting her truck up and going. The menu is marvelous. The food is great! Tenielle has put a lot of effort into finding the vendors with the freshest fish, and for Crazy Fish is must be wild, no farm raised fish here. Don’t worry if you are not a white rice fan, they offer brown rice or soy paper if you so choose.

Tenielle Powers (on the left) and her little fish Cheryl Reedy

Since my husband is not a fan of Sushi, I knew I was on my own. It is hot and I know it has to be consumed quickly I ordered just one roll. My first pick was a TNT roll. The TNT is rice, spicy tuna, cream cheese, jalapeno, cucumber, and syracha sauce. Mmmmmm, fresh, full of flavor, but not spicy hot.  Words cannot describe how great this tastes. I will be sure to have this one again.

TNT Roll

It looked so good, even my husband asked for a taste.


TNT Roll


He said that Tenielle might convince him to eat sushi, because “It tastes pretty good for sushi!”.  And it must have, because he asked for a taste of my second roll the next day!


My second roll was an Eye of the Tiger. Eye of the Tiger is rice, smoked salmon, cream cheese, green onions and red bell pepper. It was absolutely perfect. Once again super fresh ingredients.   You could taste each item in the roll, which is just how I like it. I shared one bite with my husband and he said it was good but not as good as the TNT. He really liked the hint of spicy to that one.

Eye of the Tiger
Eye of the Tiger


Now if you want sauce you can add it.  They have 6 different sauces, Tangy Ginger sauce, Zesty Orange Sesame, Sweet chilli shallot, Dark Ginger Sauce and Siriacha, Spicy Tuna mayo, Sesame mayo plus ginger to add to your rolls.


I have two rolls down, only 10 to go! I would never have expected to have sushi from a food truck. The experience was great and I can’t wait to try them all. Maybe by the end we will have a convert with my husband.

I had an organic experience at Crazy Fish, what can I say?



Cost: $6.50 a roll or 2 for $10