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Kieron Go Braugh

Dallas has its share of Irish restaurants but you couldn’t experience the tastes of Ireland on the go until now. Kieron Go Braugh, Kieron-Go-Bragh--ChristineTraveling Irish Café is one of the latest additions to the North Texas Food Truck scene.  Operated by Christine Finnegan, a red headed Irish lass with a big smile, the friendly greeting paired with the simple but tasty food feels like you’ve been invited to dinner by a good neighbor.

Let’s dispel any misconceptions. The food is inspired by the tastes of Ireland but not necessarily presented in the traditional way. Take The Irishman, for example, a pair of Shepherd Pie Sliders that combines ground beef in gravy with peas & carrots and mashed potatoes between a sliced dinner roll.

Warning: There’s no way you can keep the generous portion between the bun. Get a fork!

You can’t think ‘Irish’ without thinking of Corned Beef & Cabbage. The Michael Finnegan presents this classic taste of Ireland as a sandwich.

Think slabs of Corned Beef; not slices!  And no Irish meal is complete without potatoes (Fries separate)
Think slabs of Corned Beef; not slices! And no Irish meal is complete without potatoes (Fries separate)

The Leprechaun is another Irish staple, the Banger, served up with kraut and a spicy Guinness mustard. Despite the reference to little people, there is nothing little about the size or the taste but it might just make you feel a wee bit mischievous. I restrained myself and settled for a wee little smile as I ate it.  You know, the one that makes people wonder what you’re thinking!

Kieron-Go-Bragh-Guiness-BratI showed a little restraint, too, by not ordering The Molly Malone (a grilled cheese) or The Reuben that were on the menu when I visited. It’s not that I needed to save something for a reason to go back. But if you need another reason to go, November is just around the corner and a hearty Guinness Stew will be added to the list of menu options.

Kieron-Go-Bragh-MenuAs you can see, restraint didn’t include stopping before everything was gone!  (Spoiler:  I had help!)

Kieron-GO-Bragh---I-ate-the-whole-thingFirst impressions suggest Keiron Go Braugh may have the competition seeing ‘green’ and regretting their failure to take Irish fare to the streets. If you’re looking for somewhere to spend a bit o’ your green, you can look them up on Facebook, Twitter or the schedule posted on the website.


There's no Guinness at #DeepElumBrewery where I caught up with Kieron Go Braugh but a Double Chocolate Stout paired up just fine.
There’s no Guinness at #DeepElumBrewery where I caught up with Kieron Go Braugh but a Double Chocolate Stout paired up just fine.

Eat Red. Drink Red. Save Lives. June 1-10, 2014.

DFW Food Trucks are well represented in the Eat Red. Drink Red. Save Lives. Campaign sponsored by Red.org.  This non-profit foundation funds aids research and treatment for AIDS in Africa, where AIDS remains a major threat and treatment, that costs only 40 cents per day, is not commonly available.

This is the first year for a food industry specific campaign.  Restaurants, bars, diners and food trucks all across the country have signed up to participate.

Each truck has designed a Red Menu item and donates a portion of the purchase price.  You can help #86AIDS by visiting one of these participating truck:

@brunchtruckdfw  @eatjodawgs  @funkytownfoods  @getenticed
@guavatreetruck  @pompeiidfw and @sauzysfoodtruck

For more information, view the videos below and visit www.red.org.

Eat Red. Drink Red. Save Lives. with (RED)

What can 40 cents but?

I’ll be out this weekend.  I hope I see you at the trucks.

YimYam Thai Fusion Food Truck

YimYam Truck

I love to translate foreign words, especially foreign names, to see what they mean.  The website says YimYam translates “smile.”  Google a translation of YimYam from Thai to English and you find “[to be] sincere, honest, genuine.”  I can tell you that spot-on, first impressions are that this translation applies equally well to the owners, Kham Phommahaxay and Daniel Hwi, and to their food.  The menu is Thai inspired or, as the truck says, Thai Fusion.  They deliver on their desire to serve delicious Thai dishes that are unique but still familiar to the taste buds.

We caught up with Yim Yam Truck in Cleburne, TX with several other trucks serving up great food truck fare at The Support the Sound Food Truck Bash.  While the menu may vary seasonally, the menu today looked like this:

YimYam Thai Fusion Food Truck

In fairness, YIMYAM caught the short straw because their food would travel so we took home dinner.  Oh, we tasted it fresh and hot but trust me, this food travels home (even if it’s a few hours later) just fine!  First impressions are that the portions are generous while the ingredients are fresh, high quality and prepared by someone who knows what they’re doing.  And he does … The culinary genius behind YIMYAM is Kham, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago, sometimes inspired by Daniel who brings a little of his Malaysian heritage.

It might not be true for everyone, but we split a Curry Porky and a pair of Fire Balls.  Add a serving of Thai Slaw and we were completely satisfied.

YimYam Thai Fusion Food Truck
Fireballs with dipping sauce and Thai Salad

The Fireball, a panko coated and deep fried rice ball, is crispy on the outside and moist inside, big as a handball (almost 2″ in diameter) and it delivers a progression of textures and flavors that’s sure to please.  For a fire-eater like me, the name Fireball is overstated but there’s definitely some ‘heat’ in these tasty morsels.  And while you might be able to stuff one in your mouth whole, DON”T!  Take more bites and spread out the enjoyment!!

YimYam Thai Fusion Food Truck
YIMYAM Fireball – crispy outside and moist inside with fabulous flavors throughout

YIMYAM offers the Beefy Brisket and the Nutty Chick but today’s choice was the Curry Porky.  It may not sound like fine dining but the Green Curry pork and Thai Slaw drizzled with a spicy mayo sauce served over perfectly steamed white rice would sell for way more served up on fancy white china.  Personally, I prefer to pay for the food; not the plate!

YimYam Thai Fusion Food Truck
Curry Porky

I’m looking forward to eating with Kham and Daniel again so I can  sample more of the menu.  First impressions are important and my first impression was a good one.  After a single visit, I have some new translations for YIMYAM:

YIMYAN means FRIENDLY, and Kham and Daniel are as friendly as you’ll find.

YIMYAM means YUM, at least that’s how I feel after my first experience with Thai Fusion the YIMYAM way.

And it may be taking some liberties, but I’m pretty sure you could also translate YIMYAM as Eat, Smile, Repeat … I did with each bite.

YimYam Thai Fusion Food Truck
Look for the Orange and Green YimYam truck at a location nearby (or far, it’s worth the drive) !

If you want to try YIMYAM, you can find them on Facebook and Twitter.  For more information, check out their website.

Bite My Biscuit

It’s all about the biscuit!  Anybody can offer you sandwiches on somebody else’s bread but Candace and Grant  Lambdin serve up a host of delightful sandwiches served on scratch made biscuits.

Bite My Biscuit
The creative menu board is your first indication that this truck doesn’t follow the crowd but goes it’s own way to stand out in a good way.

When you walk up to the gleaming stainless steel trailer, your first glimpse of the creative spirit inside that came up with all the recipes are the menu boards hanging on the side of the trailer drawing you in to discover what tantalizing treats are to be found. Interesting, ingenious and practical – just take down the mini-blackboard when you run out of an item.

If you fall into the group that follows the mantra, “Life is short, eat dessert first”, then like me, your eyes are gonna naturally fall on the board that says Brandy Biscuit Bread Pudding first.

Bite My Biscuit
Brandy Biscuit Bread Pudding –  Did I say Brandy?  ‘Nuff said!

And that first bite is gonna make you want to order another one!  But don’t, there’s lots more good stuff waiting for you on another board.

The wife and I quickly make a sandwich choice and my penchant for all things beefy and spicy make my choice easy -The Spicy Biscuit Burger.

Bite My Biscuit
The spicy burger biscuit ($7) comes with candied jalapenos, bacon cream cheese and a generous beef patty.

The Spicy Burger Biscuit is a different take on the traditional burger.  The biscuit is a little sweet, the patty substantial but fear not – it’s only a little spicy.  I was curious about the candied jalapenos and happy to see that restraint is the order of the day.  The candied coating is light and nicely contrasts with the ‘heat’ of the freshly sliced jalapeno.  It’s obvious the ingredients are high quality and fresh.

The menu offers a number of othersandwich options, including the Fried Chicken Biscuit ATW (All The Way), and the FFL-FGT (a bacon and fried green tomato sandwhich with fresh arugala).   I’ll try one of those on a future visit but today is a beef day.  The wife being more appreciative of well matched ingredients less commonly found on a sandwich opted for the Chef Biscuit.

Bite My Biscuit

The Chef Biscuit ($8) is the most popular sandwich at Bite My Biscuit. It’s no wonder with juicy, tender Hangar Steak, Arugala, Red Onion and the special  Balsamic Creme Fraiche sauce.

A meal needs more than a burger – it needs potatoes!  And what better proof do you need that they’re incredible than the Sweet Potato Frites selling out just before we ordered !  The frites are shredded,  deep fried to a crispy state and drizzled with marshmallow brandy cream sauce.   I will be trying the frites on a future trip to Bite My Biscuit!

Bite My Biscuit
The Potato Fries ($4) are thinly sliced and lightly deep fried.

With the frites sold out, we had to ‘settle’ for the Potato Fries.  Sliced super thin, deep fried to a golden color they make you think of potato chips.  Ours came out a little less crispy than I expected but if you like your taters prepared this way, these are certain to please.

Here’s the whole meal.  Plenty for two for about $22 bucks not counting drinks.

Bite My Biscuit
The family (of two) meal made our way!

Bite My Biscuit is a Tarrant County based truck that’s only been operating since March 14, 2014, so don’t feel bad if you haven’t tried them yet.  You can find them at Weatherford “trade days” events other locations, mostly on the southwest side of the metroplex.  They’re busy booking events so if you want hire them or just order from the window, check them out at Facebook or check for current locations on Twitter.

Look for the gleaming stainless steel trailer and the lines to find Bite My Biscuit.
Look for the gleaming stainless steel trailer and the long lines to find Bite My Biscuit.

The Sparkle in a Child’s Eye


DFW Food Trucks & Toys for Tots Goal: A Sparkle in Every Eye

The 90th Annual lighting of the National Christmas Tree is this week.  As dazzling as this spectacle will be, it pales in comparison to the sparkle in a child’s eye as they open a present on Christmas morning.  Every year, the U. S. Marine Corp Toys for Tots Program strives to assure that all children experience the wide-eyed wonderment that Christmas morning brings.  This year our Dallas-Forth Worth food trucks are partnering with local businesses and the Marines to support the Toys for Tots Program and help put a sparkle in the eye of every child in DFW.

Cash Donations will not be accepted (to the best of my knowledge) at the Toy Drives.  If you’d like to make a cash donation, you can do so by credit card at the Toys for Tots website.  Mail in donation forms are also available along with several ‘special’ donation types including In Memory or Tribute, Native American Program, by e-Bay sales, as a business gift or by donating your car.

December 6th

Blossoms On The Bricks is pairing with Sassy Hot Dogs for their Toy Drive 2012 on Thursday, December 6th, from 11 AM to 1 PM to benefit local children connected with Fort Worth Metro Ministries.  You’ll find them at 5023 Camp Bowie Blvd, Fort Worth, TX.

The Gladney Center for Adoption and Gepetto’s Pizza Truck are sponsoring a Toy Drive the same day, Thursday, December 6th, from 11 AM to 1 PM.    The Gladney Center is located at 6300 John Ryan Drive,  Fort Worth, TX.

December 8th

If you can’t make the lighting of the National Christmas Tree, then you might want to plan to attend the Trucks for Tots Toy Drive on Saturday, December 8th.  This event is being held at 2505 Elm Street (corner of Elm and Gaston) in Deep Ellum from 11 AM – 7 PM.  There are confirmed commitments from more than 20 Dallas and Forth Worth Food Trucks to support this massive toy drive for the Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter of Toys for Tots.  Students from Lincoln High School and W. E. Greiner Exploratory Academy are sponsoring a drive to collect toys and bring them to the event with their family.  The United States Marines on hand to accept your toy donation will be joined by the Lincoln High School Marching Band plus pictures with Santa, bounce houses and more than 50 local vendors for holiday shopping.  A huge crowd is expected for this event.  You can leave the car and ride Dart right to the event (get off at the Deep Ellum Dart Station right across the street) and avoid any parking hassles!

The list of participating food trucks includes:  Rock & Roll Tacos, Rockstar Bakeshop, Easy Slider Truck, Ssahm BBQ, Gepetto’s Pizza, Three Lions, The Gastro Bomber, Bento Box, Bombay Chopstix, Cajun Tailgators, Eat Jo Dawgs, Four Seasons, Guava Tree, Jacks Chowhound, Lab of the Streets, Lucky Ducky Dogs, Nammi Truck, Pompeii, Rock N’ Ricks, Taste of Home, The Butchers Son, Three Lions, Tuttas and Yellow Belly and maybe more!

New update:  Live Music Schedule

December 16th

Bring a smile to a child’s face and a treat to your belly on December 16th by ringing an unwrapped toy to Fort Worth Food Park from 11 AM to 9 PM on December 16th.  Santa will be at the park from 1PM to 3PM for photo opportunities (bring your own camera).

There is nothing like the thought of a child’s smile to get into the Christmas spirit.  We encourage everyone to bring a new, unwrapped toy (or more!) so no child in Dallas – Fort Worth goes without on Christmas morning.  The sparkle in a child’s eye is priceless and precious.  Join us at one of these events or any of the other Toys for Tots Christmas Toy Drive events and help to make a child’s wish come true.

Food Truck Connection is proud to promote these worthy events.  If you are partnering with a DFW food truck to sponsor a Toys for Tots Toy Drive  and you’d like to be featured here, email a copy of your flyer and information to terry@foodtruckconnection.co (not .com) and I’ll be happy to add your information.

Yellow Belly Food Truck Serves Benefit Brunch

Promise of Peace Pop UP Brunch & Holiday Bazaar

December 1, 2012 from 10 AM – 1 PM

7446 East Grand, Dallas, TX


On December 1, 2012, you have an opportunity for a unique food truck experience AND you have a chance to support a deserving community organization, Promise of Peace.  This is one of those ‘feel good’ opportunities you don’t want to miss.  Mark your calendar now and plan to come out for a special brunch menu from Yellow Belly Food Truck.



Blueberry Pancakes (for the kiddos)

Candied Bacon Pancakes / Vermont Maple Syrup

Breakfast Tostada

Warm Apple Cider (house-made)


* This exclusive POP menu, which includes freshness from the garden, is subject to slight changes.  Great food guaranteed!

This is not your typical food truck event.  It’s not about the food truck this time.  It’s not about Chef Jason Tolleson and his partners, Nathaniel Short and Matt Sanders, giving back to a great community cause.  It’s about supporting a cause that makes East Dallas a better place to live and the volunteers who give their time and themselves to make a difference.

In addition to the special brunch by Yellow Belly, there are lots more reasons to come out.  There will be a free Winter Garden Class by Josh of Redenta’s Garden, a fabulous Holiday Bazaar with items made by local artists, even complimentary wine at noon.

I’ll be there.  I hope I see you there, too!  Mark your calendars now and invite your friends.  The forecast is for great Texas fall day!


Promise of Peace Is a non-profit group that is working to bring the neighborhoods of East Dallas together through horticulture, environmental and nutritional experiences.  In plain language, they’re seeking to improve the lives of children by teaching gardening, good eating habits and cooking skills.  This volunteer community of compassionate child-advocates seeks to increase high school completion rates and healthy lifestyles.  The Promise of Peace Garden, a community garden started on a vacant lot to teach people how to grow their own food, celebrated its 3rd anniversary on November 3, 2012.


Three_Lions_Bangers & Mash

Three Lions – Dallas


Three Lions – Two English Blokes – One Common Mission


Starting a food truck is hard.  Transforming a food truck into something totally different is harder.  And making the transition successfully is really, really hard.   But for brothers Cameron and Scott Bonfield, it’s really about being true to their heritage.  So that makes it all a labor of love and worth it all.

The transition from Taco Truck to English cuisine began when they started offering more traditional English fare along with the South African spiced tacos and the response was positive.  So about eight months ago, they decided to start over completely.  A few months later the Three Men and a Taco truck has fully morphed into Three Lions.  A big part of the mission is educating the colonies on what constitutes proper English fare.

The cuisine confusion from early menus wasn’t really helped by the Carolina BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders, but people loved them and bought them like crazy.  I mean, an American BBQ slider held over from the taco truck — how is that English?  I may have been confused by their spot on the menu but I’m really happy they made it possible for the rest of the menu to develop and mature.  Scott Bonfield explains that they were very popular and their sales kept Three Lions afloat long enough to develop the rest of the menu.  The Carolina Sliders have now taken their place in the past.

The Carolina BBQ Pulled Pork Slider helped finance the transition to Three Lions British inspired menu.


During the sweltering Dallas summer, they introduced Gazpacho, a chilled vegetable soup.  Bursting with flavor and tantalizing with a variety of textures, I wasn’t fully convinced this was English fare but it went down really, really nice on a hot summer day.  Besides, Spain is a lot closer to England than the Carolinas!

Gazpacho – Cooled tomatoey goodness and crunchy veggies


Another cool option during the hot summer months is the Shrimp Salad Roll.  Chilled tiny brine shrimp in abundance mixed with sliced cucumbers in a spicy cream sauce resting on a toasted bun.

Shrimp Salad Roll


But if you’ve visited Three Lions more recently, the menu continues to evolve and mature into the vision pursued by the Bonfield brothers.  The first truly English item on the menu is the Meat Pie.  Meat Pies are a British basic, pretty much the equivalent of the burger in America.  Sandwich ground beef and a really savory gravy between a shortcake pastry crust (a little thicker and denser) and a puff pastry ‘lid’ (light and fluffy), and you have a perfect no utensils required dish.

If you’re looking for a way to dip your toe in the water, then the Bacon Butty is the perfect little morsel to try.  Bacon and ham with all kinds of deliciousness is sandwiched between a flour roll.  It looks like a breakfast sandwich but it’s a great little treat anytime!

Bacon Butty


Everybody knows that Fish & Chips is English and this traditional dish landed on the menu as soon as they could figure out how to get the prep time for the gigantic wild Atlantic Cod filet battered in Heineken Beer batter down to an acceptable ticket time.  The fish is served with tartar sauce and paired up with Chips (that’s fries to us Americans).  It still takes longer than other choices but it’s worth the wait.

Fish & Chips

Three Lions keeps raising the bar and introducing new English options.  If you haven’t tried the Chicken Bacon Pie, you have no idea what you are missing.   Kissin’ cousin to the Meat Pie, but even more stuffed, you get the same shortcake pastry crust that’s a full 2-1/2 inches deep filled with roasted chicken, peas, carrots, and BACON all in a cream sauce.   Apparently, even the British know that everything is better with BACON!

Three Lions Chicken Bacon Pie


At the opening of Klyde Warren Park, Three Lions introduced their Bangers & Mash.  A fat, savory sausage rests atop a bed of seasoned creamy mashed potatoes smothered in spicy gravy.  If your idea of British food is all hearty but bland, you’re gonna want to sink your teeth into this Bangers & Mash.  It’s royal!

Bangers and Mash


In a food culture where global food is the norm, Three Lions brings yet another cultural cuisine experience to food truck dining.  Scott says there’s a surprisingly large group of British ex-pats living in Dallas and they’ve embraced Three Lions as a bit of home.  But don’t be fooled, there’s a bit of Texas in the hearts of Cameron and Scott Bonfield and we should all embrace the British cuisine experience of Three Lions.


If you want to give some British food a go, then look up Three Lions on Facebook or Twitter to see where they’re setting up today.


Thanksgiving_2012_Meal 1 v2

Thanksgiving – Food Truck Style

This is about a dream I had. The entire Thanksgiving meal, all from food trucks. Is it crazy?  Sure, but when you have a dream, why not make it come true?  So this is our Thanksgiving Day Meal at the Food Truck Connection house. I did dress it up by putting it all on serving dishes. We ate with real plates and silverware.

I think the photos say it all….



Yellow Belly – Flying Swine


Easy Slider – Classic Slider


Good Karma – Pan Ramen Noodles


Gepetto’s – Meat Pizza
Nammi – Banh Mi
Ssahm – Beef Tacos


Yellow Belly – Yellow Tomato Salad


Pompeii – Arancini


Three Lions – Bacon Chicken Pie


Cool Haus – Pumpkin Pie Milkshake
Cajun Tailgators – Beignets


The Bomb – Pumpkin Fried Pies
Cool Haus – Pumpkin Pie Milkshake


Rock Star Bakeshop – Whoopie Pies


A special thanks to all the trucks that packaged my food so it would not be wilted, melted, or just plain ugly before I could serve it up.

The Menu

Yellow Tomato Salad – Yellow Belly Truck

Beer Cheese Soup – Yellow Belly Truck

Arancini – Pompeii

Pan Ramen Noodles – Good Karma Kitchen

Chicken Bacon Pie – Three Lions

Flying Swine – Yellow Belly Truck

Banh Mi – NAMMI

Beef Korean Tacos – Ssahm BBQ

Classic Sliders – Easy Slider

Pizza – Gepetto’s


Pumpkin Fried Pies – The Bomb

Beignets – Cajun Tailgators

Whoopie Pies – Rockstar Bakeshop

Pumpkin Pie Milkshake – Cool Haus

I wish I’d come up with the idea sooner; not just 3 days before Thanksgiving! There we so many more trucks that I wanted to include but due to timing, availability and my table not being large enough, I had to make some compromises.  Compromises?  Yes, but sacrifices, NO!


Happy Thanksgiving


Food Truck Connection


Contributed by Janice Eddington

For a Thanksgiving tribute to Food Trucks, read Seven Reasons I’m Thankful For Food Trucks.


Seven Reasons I’m Thankful For Food Trucks

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and recognize the things for which we are thankful.  I’m thankful for the same things that many of you are – family and friends, good health, a (good) job and the freedoms allowed by living in the United States.  At the risk of sounding superficial, I’m also thankful that food trucks became a part of my life this year.  Read on and I think you’ll agree that there are many reasons it’s not superficial at all.

I’m thankful for the new friends I’ve made, both near and far.  I never go to a food truck and not come away feeling better than when I arrived.  The long, grueling hours required of anyone working on a food truck doesn’t stop them from greeting me with a smile, a friendly greeting and always a ‘Thank You for coming!”  These entrepreneurs share a common characteristic with all small business owners – it is a labor of love and the enthusiasm is infectious.  And that enthusiasm and friendliness is mirrored by the patrons who reach out to people they’ve never met before to ask questions and share opinions.


I’m thankful for the exposure to new foods and the chance to enjoy old favorites re-imagined and reinvented by the creative chefs.  The options cross cultural lines that circle the globe and creatively re-imagine American classics closer to home.  I’ve learned that Vegan/Vegetarian can be so good you don’t miss the meat, that tacos come in as many varieties as there are countries, that gourmet is not restricted to fancy restaurants and that even hot dogs and burgers can go really upscale with creative toppings.  And speaking of upscale, who would ever believe you could get sushi, escargot and steamed dumplings or pizza cooked fresh, in creative and classic styles, from a truck.  Desserts range from Whoopie Pies to classic cream & fruit pies (sometimes with a surprising hot pepper kick) to fried pies (including an unbelievable Guacamole pie!), shaved ice (even in an adult versions), cupcakes galore and more flavors of Cool Haus ice cream than I can name.  But it’s true, I had all this and more!  Who wouldn’t be thankful?


I’m thankful for the generosity and community support demonstrated by the food truck community.  It reminds me of the importance of giving and helping those less fortunate than ourselves.  I’ve seen food trucks become the featured attraction at fundraisers for charities and churches, schools and youth sports leagues.  In addition to contributing time and a generous percentage of their sales (not profits), truck owners often donate 100% of their tips (and sometimes 100% of their sales!) to the sponsoring organization.   Some local trucks always donate their tips to a cause near and dear to them. And when sales are not as good as anticipated, the excess food is taken to local food banks to share with those less fortunate.

Reaching out beyond local communities, DFW food trucks generously donated tips and/or a percentage of sales to support aid for the victims of Superstorm Sandy.  Local governments in the Northeast embraced the offer to help extended by food trucks in the hard hit areas that resulted in thousands of meals being delivered to victims of Sandy.  Many of our own food trucks filled the need for meals and bottled drinks following the 2012 tornadoes in the DFW metroplex.  And sadly, some trucks who tried to help were prohibited by local government who hid behind archaic regulations and would not make an exception, even in such an exceptional situation.  I pray these cities will see the bigger picture should (or given Texas weather, when) catastrophe strikes our community again.


I’m thankful for all of the new trucks that came to Dallas/Fort Worth.  At the same time, I’m saddened by the retiring of other trucks. I’m thankful for the trucks I found before they were gone.  They’ll be missed but I wish them all success and happiness wherever life takes them.

I’m thankful for the regulations faced by food truck owners, but not all of them.   I’m confused by regulations that give preferential protection to brick and mortar restaurants and relegate food trucks to second-class status.  I wonder how this can be considering the history of America, and the American Dream, that reveres the entrepreneur who sees a niche and fills it.  At the same time, I embrace the regulations that recognize a gourmet food truck is truly a restaurant on wheels.  I want food trucks to be inspected for health and safety like any other restaurant.  These regulations not only put everyone on a level playing field, it gives credibility to the truck and removes any fear about safety in their product.  I’m constantly amazed at how obstacles are met with creative solutions by food truck operators who fight traffic, bias, regulation, breakdown and the weather to bring their food to the people.


I’m thankful for living in a country where people who have a dream can actually make that dream come true.  This country was built by the blood, sweat and tears of people willing to take risks to achieve their dreams.  These food truck entrepreneurs remind me of how we became a great country and, despite the interference of politics and politicians, how we can once again return to the prosperity we enjoyed when small, local business was the core strength on which this country was built.


Finally, I’m thankful for the chance to give something back to the food truck community.  This website is a labor of love for me.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to share my experience and to spread the word.  I’m thankful for each and every person who visits Food Truck Connection and even more thankful when they pass the articles on to their friends and followers.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to encourage my readers to try the food truck experience.  I’m thankful when I convince someone that’s staring at a menu, a little hesitant to try something new, and my encouragement gives them the courage to give it a go.

I’m thankful that I can be a part of the food truck community.  It’s a really nice place to live.

For a photo documentary of our totally Food Truck Thanksgiving meal, check out Thanksgiving – Food Truck Style.




Lucky Ducky Dogs – Dallas



Just when you think that the last thing Dallas needs is another hot dog/sausage truck, some guy (that would be Marshall Hays) comes along and gets the idea he can do it better! :)

After reading the menu we went for the gold.  I am still trying to figure out how you go from car wash to food truck owner, but Marshall has done it well. As we were sitting in the back of our Jeep eating our dogs, Marshall had a break and came to check out what we thought about his food. Marshall had no idea who I was, he was checking with everyone who had ordered from him. And other than biting into the Obnoxious Dog of the Day and the egg yoke squirting out, I could offer him no suggestions of how to make it better. That would be because he got it right. I don’t think you could squeeze another ingredient on any of these dogs. Unique, great tasting, an adventure with an accent on taste.


One Lucky Ducky Meal


Fresh bread baked every day and Gourmet meats make for great dogs. Sorry guys, classic dogs are fine for the kids but for me, they are boring.  I am going for interesting!

The menu features three categories of Dogs:
Classic, Gourmet and Obnoxious Dogs


What do you have when you load up Alligator and Pork Sausage, strips of bacon, fried egg, all topped with Wasabi mayo and Sriracha sauce?  You get Gator eats Pig aka an Obnoxious Dog ($10)!!  To be real honest, we should have saved this one for last, but we ate it first.  It is a beast. The sausage is a blissful blend with the perfect seasonings. Then bacon, an egg over easy so you get that warm runny golden center (which is a heavenly sauce in itself), then they spice it up a bit (just a little – not too much) with both Wasabi and Sriracha sauces. This is one dog I will be back for … unless Marshall comes up with his second Obnoxious Dog creation first!  Yes, Marshall says there are more Obnoxious Dogs taking form in his imagination that are sure to follow Gator eats Dog.



Gator Eats Duck


Lucky Ducky Dogs passed the ‘toe in the water’ test with flying colors and we were back to sample more of the menu just a few days later.  Time to see what the Gourmet Dogs had to offer.


Up first, Thai’d Up Chicken Dog ($8)- Chicken sausage with Asian Carrot and cabbage slaw, topped with Thai Peanut Sauce and I added some Sriracha sauce, too, cuz I like being a little spicy most of the time!  This one is all good.  I find the chicken sausage to be very mild at first, then you get a pop of flavor with Thai Peanut sauce and how can you go wrong with some fresh slaw on the top. Are you getting the feeling yet that this is not your average hot dog truck?

Thai’d Up Chicken Dog


Then comes Duckin Apple Dog ($8) – Duck & Chicken sausage with a rosemary balsamic glaze, caramelized onions, apples and topped with wilted spinach. Perfectly wilted spinach on a dog!  This is a very unique and special dog. The sausage with the balsamic glaze and then with the onions and apples and spinach makes this dog perfect for the discerning, mature palate.

Duckin Apple Dog

So I admit, no matter how fancy you make them, dogs are never going to be high-brow food.  That’s all good with Marshall.  Even the wrap on the truck is designed to break down your inhibitions and lure you in for your own Fun with MEAT!




Now I am sure that you will want to track Lucky Ducks down. You can find them on Twitter, or on Facebook and of course on their website.