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YimYam Thai Fusion Food Truck

YimYam Truck

I love to translate foreign words, especially foreign names, to see what they mean.  The website says YimYam translates “smile.”  Google a translation of YimYam from Thai to English and you find “[to be] sincere, honest, genuine.”  I can tell you that spot-on, first impressions are that this translation applies equally well to the owners, Kham Phommahaxay and Daniel Hwi, and to their food.  The menu is Thai inspired or, as the truck says, Thai Fusion.  They deliver on their desire to serve delicious Thai dishes that are unique but still familiar to the taste buds.

We caught up with Yim Yam Truck in Cleburne, TX with several other trucks serving up great food truck fare at The Support the Sound Food Truck Bash.  While the menu may vary seasonally, the menu today looked like this:

YimYam Thai Fusion Food Truck

In fairness, YIMYAM caught the short straw because their food would travel so we took home dinner.  Oh, we tasted it fresh and hot but trust me, this food travels home (even if it’s a few hours later) just fine!  First impressions are that the portions are generous while the ingredients are fresh, high quality and prepared by someone who knows what they’re doing.  And he does … The culinary genius behind YIMYAM is Kham, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago, sometimes inspired by Daniel who brings a little of his Malaysian heritage.

It might not be true for everyone, but we split a Curry Porky and a pair of Fire Balls.  Add a serving of Thai Slaw and we were completely satisfied.

YimYam Thai Fusion Food Truck
Fireballs with dipping sauce and Thai Salad

The Fireball, a panko coated and deep fried rice ball, is crispy on the outside and moist inside, big as a handball (almost 2″ in diameter) and it delivers a progression of textures and flavors that’s sure to please.  For a fire-eater like me, the name Fireball is overstated but there’s definitely some ‘heat’ in these tasty morsels.  And while you might be able to stuff one in your mouth whole, DON”T!  Take more bites and spread out the enjoyment!!

YimYam Thai Fusion Food Truck
YIMYAM Fireball – crispy outside and moist inside with fabulous flavors throughout

YIMYAM offers the Beefy Brisket and the Nutty Chick but today’s choice was the Curry Porky.  It may not sound like fine dining but the Green Curry pork and Thai Slaw drizzled with a spicy mayo sauce served over perfectly steamed white rice would sell for way more served up on fancy white china.  Personally, I prefer to pay for the food; not the plate!

YimYam Thai Fusion Food Truck
Curry Porky

I’m looking forward to eating with Kham and Daniel again so I can  sample more of the menu.  First impressions are important and my first impression was a good one.  After a single visit, I have some new translations for YIMYAM:

YIMYAN means FRIENDLY, and Kham and Daniel are as friendly as you’ll find.

YIMYAM means YUM, at least that’s how I feel after my first experience with Thai Fusion the YIMYAM way.

And it may be taking some liberties, but I’m pretty sure you could also translate YIMYAM as Eat, Smile, Repeat … I did with each bite.

YimYam Thai Fusion Food Truck
Look for the Orange and Green YimYam truck at a location nearby (or far, it’s worth the drive) !

If you want to try YIMYAM, you can find them on Facebook and Twitter.  For more information, check out their website.

Nammi's "Insider" Special - Jalapeno Basil Mint Lemonade

Nammi: Cruisin Fusion Food and Fun

Nammi Fuses Good Food and Nammi Love to Make Good Times

2011 was a good year for Dallas.  Why?  Because Teena Ngyuen and Gary Torres decided that instead of designing buildings, they’d set their sights on designing the perfect vehicle to bring the Ban Mi and their version of Vietnamese Fusion Cuisine to Dallas.  The result is Nammi Truck.  Teena says the Banh Mi is the Vietnamese equivalent of the American hot dog.  When better than the 4th of July to tell you about Nammi Truck?

Nammi Truck #1


The Banh Mi (pronounced Bun Mee) is the star on the menu.  The ginormous 12” baguette is slathered with garlic mayo, and piled high with cucumbers, pickled daikons (a white raddish) & carrots, jalapenos and cilantro and your choice of meat.  Oh, and for those people who say the cilantro gets lost in everything else … who cares?  Look at all those smiles as people try a Banh Mi for the first time!!


My favorite is the Grilled Pork.  When you bite into the giant sandwich, the savory seasonings of the grilled pork tantalize the taste buds while the cool, crisp veggies add a smorgasbord of taste sensations ranging from slightly sweet to the bite of the pickled daikons & carrots and the spicy heat of the jalapenos.  It’s a symphony of flavors and textures marching across your palate like a John Phillip Sousa song on the Fourth of July.

The Grilled Port Banh Mi


The BBQ Pork Banh Mi features marinated grilled pork that is a sweet, hot sensation; a different compliment to the harmony of the veggies.  Pork may be ‘the Other White Meat’, but the marinade and BBQ seasoning turn this meat an interesting red tone.  If you like sweet BBQ, this is the choice for you.

BBQ Pork – Vietnamese Fusion Style from Nammi


If you are not a red meat eater, then check out the Lemongrass Chicken.  The Chicken is marinated to infuse the flavors and mine was tender, juicy and a more subtle fusion of the flavors.

Lemongrass Chicken Banh Mi


Nammi’s got you covered if, like me, you think the baguette is a lot of bread.  I like to focus on the ‘stuffing’ and the Vietnamese Taco replaces the baguette with a corn tortilla and gets dressed up with a red cabbage sauté.  This is a different take on the taco that you’ve got to try.

Chicken Taco – but you pick the meat you want!


And it’s not exactly on the Adkins diet, but you can forego the bread entirely by opting for the Nammi Rice Bowl.  A succulent bowl of steamed white rice served hot so the aroma dances across your nose while the flavors tango across your taste buds.  It’s a one-two punch you won’t want to recover from!

The Rice Bowl – this one features pork


And you’ve got to have something to wash down all that yummy food.   The Basil Mint Lemonade is unbelievable!!  Cool, fresh and not too sweet it’s the perfect partner to finish out the meal.  In fact, it is so good, I’ve been known to buy dinner from another truck (I have to, it’s my ‘calling’!), and still stand in line to get just a lemonade from my friends at Nammi J!!  If you’ve stayed with me this far, here’s an inside tip:  If you want a little kick, ask ‘em to make yours a Spicy Basil Mint Lemonade and they’ll add some sliced jalapeno.  If you can wait, the ‘kick’ is even stronger after it’s had an hour or so.

Nammi’s “Insider” Special – Jalapeno Basil Mint Lemonade


One of the dangers created by the plethora of great food trucks in Dallas is that you sometimes take them for granted.  I’ve been to the Nammi Truck many times and can’t believe I’ve never shared the experience.  I think of them so often I was certain I’d blogged about them.


One of the most accessible trucks in Dallas, especially since adding a second truck in 2012, Nammi has a presence at every major food truck event and across the DFW metroplex.  To be safe, check their weekly schedule posted on the website or Twitter to get the latest on where you can find them and if, no when, they run out of food!  Just look for the truck with the longest line and join the crowd.  It’s worth the wait!

Look at it this way — standing in line is a great time to make new friends!


Oh, and if you need another reason to like Teena and Gary, they’re responsible for bringing Cool Haus to Dallas.  But that’s another story all its own.  Look for my coming article on Eating My Way Through Cool Haus.

Is Nammi the best truck in Dallas?  Tell us what you think?