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Lucky Ducky Dogs – Dallas



Just when you think that the last thing Dallas needs is another hot dog/sausage truck, some guy (that would be Marshall Hays) comes along and gets the idea he can do it better! :)

After reading the menu we went for the gold.  I am still trying to figure out how you go from car wash to food truck owner, but Marshall has done it well. As we were sitting in the back of our Jeep eating our dogs, Marshall had a break and came to check out what we thought about his food. Marshall had no idea who I was, he was checking with everyone who had ordered from him. And other than biting into the Obnoxious Dog of the Day and the egg yoke squirting out, I could offer him no suggestions of how to make it better. That would be because he got it right. I don’t think you could squeeze another ingredient on any of these dogs. Unique, great tasting, an adventure with an accent on taste.


One Lucky Ducky Meal


Fresh bread baked every day and Gourmet meats make for great dogs. Sorry guys, classic dogs are fine for the kids but for me, they are boring.  I am going for interesting!

The menu features three categories of Dogs:
Classic, Gourmet and Obnoxious Dogs


What do you have when you load up Alligator and Pork Sausage, strips of bacon, fried egg, all topped with Wasabi mayo and Sriracha sauce?  You get Gator eats Pig aka an Obnoxious Dog ($10)!!  To be real honest, we should have saved this one for last, but we ate it first.  It is a beast. The sausage is a blissful blend with the perfect seasonings. Then bacon, an egg over easy so you get that warm runny golden center (which is a heavenly sauce in itself), then they spice it up a bit (just a little – not too much) with both Wasabi and Sriracha sauces. This is one dog I will be back for … unless Marshall comes up with his second Obnoxious Dog creation first!  Yes, Marshall says there are more Obnoxious Dogs taking form in his imagination that are sure to follow Gator eats Dog.



Gator Eats Duck


Lucky Ducky Dogs passed the ‘toe in the water’ test with flying colors and we were back to sample more of the menu just a few days later.  Time to see what the Gourmet Dogs had to offer.


Up first, Thai’d Up Chicken Dog ($8)- Chicken sausage with Asian Carrot and cabbage slaw, topped with Thai Peanut Sauce and I added some Sriracha sauce, too, cuz I like being a little spicy most of the time!  This one is all good.  I find the chicken sausage to be very mild at first, then you get a pop of flavor with Thai Peanut sauce and how can you go wrong with some fresh slaw on the top. Are you getting the feeling yet that this is not your average hot dog truck?

Thai’d Up Chicken Dog


Then comes Duckin Apple Dog ($8) – Duck & Chicken sausage with a rosemary balsamic glaze, caramelized onions, apples and topped with wilted spinach. Perfectly wilted spinach on a dog!  This is a very unique and special dog. The sausage with the balsamic glaze and then with the onions and apples and spinach makes this dog perfect for the discerning, mature palate.

Duckin Apple Dog

So I admit, no matter how fancy you make them, dogs are never going to be high-brow food.  That’s all good with Marshall.  Even the wrap on the truck is designed to break down your inhibitions and lure you in for your own Fun with MEAT!




Now I am sure that you will want to track Lucky Ducks down. You can find them on Twitter, or on Facebook and of course on their website.




Food. Fun. Fido. Cedars Food Park Starts Thursday Food Truck Affair


Dallas Gets New Food Truck Options on Thursdays

After an unbelievably successful Grand Opening, followed quickly by the decision to postpone weekday lunches, Cedars Food Park at Dallas Heritage Village starts weekly Thursday night events beginning August 16th.   The addition of the recurring pop-up food park brings a new option that is especially appealing to fans or first-timers that are south or east of Dallas.  But the easily accessible location at 1515 S. Harwood just south of downtown Dallas is accessible by all major freeways including I-30, I-45, I-35 and Highway 75.      And the parking is always FREE.


The line-up of food trucks is reduced from 18 at the Grand Opening to 10 trucks for the weekly event.  This is still the largest number of trucks in one location for a regular weekly event and the participating trucks, that will rotate weekly, include some of the most popular trucks in Dallas.  The wide range of food choices is sure to satisfy most every preference.  Beer & Wine is available and non-alcoholic beverages are available from the trucks.


The line-up for August 16 includes 4 Seasons, Crazy Fish, Nammi, Gandolfo’s, Jack’s Chowhound, Rock N’ Roll Taco, Taste of Home, Ssahm BBQ, Coolhaus and Cup Cakin.  If you need any more encouragement to come out, I’m told that Cool Haus is expecting new flavors “mid-month.”  Hopefully, they’ll be available by the 16th.   That’s ‘mid-month,’ right?”


Located on the beautiful grounds of Dallas Heritage Village and under the shade of 150 year old trees, Cedars Food Park is a great venue.  The forecast is mostly sunny with cooling breezes at a gentle 11 MPH according to the Weather Channel.  The event is family friendly, an amazing place to hang out with friends and dogs are welcome!  Parking is free and there is no admission fee to access the trucks.  Be forewarned, my understanding is that Dallas Heritage Village closes during the month of August so the historic buildings probably aren’t going to be open.

Going to Cedars Food Park is like a Picnic, with a few hundred friends!


If you’re looking for a fun way to wind down at the end of the week, Cedars Food Park will start a Friday night event on August 31st.  No official name for the Friday event so I’m gonna throw out my nomination now:  Finally Friday Food Truck Fantasy!

For more information about upcoming events, follow Cedars Food Park at Dallas Heritage Village on Twitter or check out their Facebook Page.  You’ll also find them on the web at cedarsfoodpark.com.


Where is the best food truck venue in Dallas?  Tell us what you think?